Project: look good rolling…

What made me start up BUA BJJ is that I wanted some simple BJJ training gear that didn’t cost too much. Most of the clothing in BJJ is absolutely mental and not my style. So by designing my own and having people interested in buying them I can afford to make my own BJJ clothing. Dead handy.

I will be limiting the amount of items released per product because I want to actually like the product and when I see everyone wearing the same thing it kinda makes it unattractive to me.

I plan on releasing a new product each month starting with the Triskelion Rashguard then following that will be Spats and then shorts. This will be the first collection of BUA BJJ training gear. T-shirts will be available in the coming weeks also. All products come packaged, not just wrapped in a plastic bag and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you arent satisfied with what you bought then you get your money back.

Also if you don’t like the products being launched you can get in contact with me on the facebook page or by email at You can even send me some ideas, some suggestions and if I like them we will post this on our page and see what the response is like, if the response is good we will get a sample made. If I use your idea you will receive some free training gear, not a bad deal. I am not a manufacturing company though so don’t get confused.

Once you reserve your order you will have from the day of release to the day of delivery to pay for your product. The reason for this is because of the wait, it will take up to around 3 weeks for the product to be shipped to me and I do realise it is annoying paying money for a product that you don’t get here and now but with this you can wait and pay for it when you are closer to receiving the product.

Payments can be made in cash and through PayPal at the moment to

With delivery, you can pay for a postal service which will be at cost value or else if you are in and around Belfast city centre a meetup point can be arranged and I will hand deliver your product to you. Simples.


Overall my aim of this is to provide a great product, create something of a community with this brand. Eventually, I want this to be my main source of income so that I can train, coach and study full time (One can only but dream of these things!) and in the future if this works out I want to hold events, sponsor athletes and try to promote BJJ as best I can.

In and around Belfast I don’t see many BJJ competitions, I am always having to travel far, two, three, six hours to go to competitions or fly and stay over night etc.. I have only been to a couple of in-house and the NI open but they are even far between or else I just don’t see the advertising. I want to have regular BJJ competitions held here so the sport can grow and attract more people. This is a place filled with depression and separation and BJJ is a great tool for dissolving problems and bringing people together. So the more the merrier.

Hopefully, I get to meet most of my customers so if you are in Belfast send me and email if you ever have any questions, want to roll or have something you would like me to give a shout out on my page. Happy to help.


Here is a breakdown of the name  and logo. Just in case you were wondering:


Bua (Irish)
Origin & history:

From earlier buadh; compare Scottish Gaelic buaidh, Breton buz, Welsh budd.

sports, competition – victory, win,(ability) talent, gift, faculty, forte, merit, destiny

LOGO:Firstly the triskele can be thought as to represent motions, as all three arms are

Firstly the triskele can be thought as to represent motions, as all three arms are position to make it appear as if it is moving, and movement or motion is believe to signify energies, in particular within this Celtic Symbol the motion of action, cycles, progress, revolution and competition.





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