My first venture

As this is my first venture I would like to disclose with everyone,  every step, every cost and everything I am doing to make this project work.

So if this works out then maybe it can help someone, if it doesn’t then at least I have something to look back and see what went wrong and where.

Each week I will be doing a review of what is happening, giving you a bit about my background and things, to begin with. I have taken this idea from a book review on the book “The happiness of pursuit” by Chris Guillebeau. were the guy reviewing it was talking about how every success story he reads about never has details of costs, income, a real breakdown of how it actually happened.

To be fair people probably don’t have the time and don’t want to be going in and disclosing this information but I don’t see a big deal with it, not much people can do with your income details besides be jealous or pity you in my case lol.

Well if it’s no use to anyone at least it’s a good reason to keep me moving forward.

To save complications I will start week one with all the details I remember up until now.


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