Week #1 – Everything until now (26/11/16)

Warning – A lot of not very good grammar and half-written sentences. I plan on reviewing this post at a later date but a weekly update is a weekly update.

Stuff below for you to read:

Until now the money I have spent on BUA BJJ is £40 for a sample to be delivered to me and £13 for 25 white boxes I ordered off of eBay last night. All of my own images are made on an app called Canva, it is a really easy to use application and it gives me ideas for how to present images and messages. I make my own images. I created the logo on the app also just using a couple of tools and based it on the traditional Celtic symbol, I got the Idea to base it on a traditional Celtic symbol after seeing a guy at tech doodling Celtic symbols and I needed to change the name of the brand from Blue mats BJJ to something I liked.

Originally this was called Blue mats BJJ after the mats that surrounded us in a tiny room in our old gym but I soon grew to not like it as I felt like I had to put blue stuff in everything I did and I am not a big fan of blue, I’m not anti-blue or anything its just I like choice. It was called something else to but I changed it from that to BUA BJJ, I can’t even remember what it was now that I think back (it was like a month ago that I changed the name).

I have made this myself on a chrome book, not even a laptop basically a phone with a keyboard! I got the website for free from wordpress.com as you can see, as you are reading this on wordpress probably, if anyone is even reading this.

That’s £53 for a sample rash guard and packaging for potential orders (Fingers crossed). I set up the face book page and have been sporadically working on the pages as a project. I am spending more and more time at it now, working on this blog, seeing people respond to posts about upcoming products and having good friends support me is amazing.

As a test for how this would work, I was to sell some t shirts to see how things panned out. I made t-shirts for my club but they weren’t club t-shirts, they sort of were but werent?? they were the old clubs logo on a t shirt so they weren’t actually the current clubs t shirt. I sold about 40 out of 50 and the other 10 were either gifted or went unsold. This allowed me to travel to Manchester to compete at a 247 event and pay for the t-shirts. So the T-shirts were a hit at the club (I think), people bought them and I thought they looked pretty sweet . It was no hassle to get them made or anything, I just made the template from a google images plain t-shirt template and then put my images onto the template, downloaded it as a printable image and sent it to a manufacturing company in Manchester. They made the t-shirts and they were here in a few weeks.

I trusted everyone I sold a t-shirt to so I let them pay me whenever they had the money and let them have their shirt just so I didn’t have it and it saved me having to always bring them with me or leave them at the gym which wasn’t a good idea but happened anyway (My fault, being lazy) but anyway I have just finished collecting the money for all the t-shirts after selling them all like three weeks ago. So yeah next time, payment before handing, trusting them or not, it’s just easier. Also receiving the money bit by bit by bit is no good, I just went and spent it on food or whatever I needed to pay. I just kept telling myself I would be taking the money from the bank anyway and this was true for  a lot of the things I used the money to pay for but I should have really collected it and counted it as a whole to get more use out of the money. who knows, anyway from now on small batches so payments will be made before the are sent to people.

So now I am working on this blog, waiting to purchase a proper laptop to maintain the website, set up plugins for e-commerce, design and other stuff. I have been listening to the book “100 Dollar start up” which is a great book by Chris Guillebeau, it is a real thought provoking and motivating book. It’s isn’t so much of a “think and grow rich” book but more of an advice guide on building small startups so you can do the things you want with your time and enjoy having projects. He basically in my opinion promotes staying interested in what you are doing which is something I feel is a great message, rather than the all or nothing one business to rule the world, just do a small start up and make enough money to enjoy your time, always looking for new opportunities from your prior projects, looking for new ways to express yourself. This is why I think I have thought to write a blog alongside the company. I have never seen that done before so why not, see what happens. Things are moving slow at the moment but with waiting it gives me the opportunity to work on other things like building the web page, listening to the start-up book for tips from other people’s successful start-up ventures. Studying successful people is probably the best way to succeed at anything.

With having completed the t-shirts and having support from friends I think I will be able to sell at least 25 of each of my products which is amazing but if they don’t sell it is not the end of the world and I can always try again or do something else. If you fail just come back at it from a different angle or with a different intention, BJJ teaches you this, it’s all about the details.

The reason for the boxes as packaging is that I like when I get stuff that is presented well, I think we all do? So this is something I think people might like, they might not, they might hate it but sure what can you do. Having people involved in the decision making is a thing I don’t see many companies advertise and I want to have other people contribute , you are helping me, helping yourself and other customers if it works out so I thought It would be a good idea to advertise that I am open to ideas.

The Guarantee thing I have added recently is something I think everyone expects when they purchase a product, I just wanted to make it clear that I want everyone to be happy with what I am providing because there would be no real point in doing this if it wasn’t done correctly, to begin with.

I came up with the idea to reserve now and pay when the product arrives, to solve a problem with the shipping arrangements I have with the manufacturing company. The problem is it takes too god damn long to arrive, so this means customers that want the product can reserve their size and pay later to save any financial problems and plus it stops them nagging me about arrival dates, if they haven’t paid yet. If people want to pay early they are helping me out big time because with paying early I am getting the sizes I need to order but it helps me cover costs and stops me worrying about people pulling out and leaving me with  extra unpaid items at a specific size.

So yeah I am currently working on the website, trying to learn more about web development, I train about 4 to 5 days a week, I work part time in an accountancy firm 3 days a week and study psychology and sociology 2 days a week. I also coach two of the days that I am training so I don’t think this project is even needed but I like doing it because it lets me voice my opinion, be creative and I enjoy doing it.

So summary oi:

Costs so far:

Sample Rashguard: £40

White boxes: £13

Income so far: £0


I have set up a facebook page, created some images, created a name, a logo, a mission statement, a WordPress website/blog, designed samples, sent away for my first product, announced the product, invited all my friends to like my page and yeah think that’s it.

Well, that’s on the surface, takes time doing that stuff while doing other. I mean I wrote this whole thing as I am procrastinating from completing a sociology essay.

Anyway. See you next week for updates.


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