Week 2. – The waiting game continues

This week has been a bit frantic due to training demands and having to hand in a psychology essay within 12 hours notice, but I have still made some progress. Its all about the tiny steps and continuously moving forward.

The waiting game continues with this rashguard, feels like forever ago that I ordered the sample and I must find a solution to this if I want to maintain consistent customers and for my own sanity. I did understand it would take a long time for the sample to arrive when I first ordered it, maybe I shouldn’t have posted up so soon, people keep asking me about it so that is a good sign in my books.

On the bright side my white boxes have arrived, they are a little bit smaller than I first pictured and I will keep looking for my ideal box to package them with but they are nice and a rashguard fits into it perfectly. When I finally get the product to people I will message each customer to get their opinion on the packaging and the product.

I got talking to a friend of mine after rolling and what he does is provides a service that directs internet traffic to people’s site and he specialises in that. He gave me some marketing tips that I feel will help the brand but I cannot implement them yet. We got to talking about how he came to be self-employed and travel around the world doing BJJ and working for himself. I won’t say who he is or what the company is because I haven’t even told him I was including him in this blog post, but I need something to talk about this week as not much has happened and talking to him has picked up me. Anyway, his story is a great one and it started off not knowing any technical knowledge beyond that of an average gamer. He was at university and was mad into call of duty and would never be off youtube looking up tips and tricks for playing the game. So he thought it would be handy to have one place where all the best Call of duty videos where and then he just went onto word press and made a page, entering in all the links manually and gaining a massive influx of people to his page in a matter of weeks, google then started to pay him through Adscent or something like that and then he is were he is now from that. He is doing something different than call of duty tips pages now of course, much more complex things that I didn’t even delve into but from that little call of duty page he went out on his own and made money through this one idea. He can now do what he wants and enjoy his time. Really cool guy. Maybe if he reads this we can do an interview or something to get the full story and you guys can enjoy this guy’s journey in full detail. Mat Savage also.

Next post next week


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