Week 3. – Research, Progress and Motivation



I have broken my activities into a couple of sections this week – Research, Improvement and Motivation:-

Section 1 – Research

It has been too long waiting on the sample rashguard to arrive. It has forced me to start looking else where, so the research has begun!. I have bullet pointed what I have done in terms of research:

  • I have ordered compression tops from amazon, to try to see if I can get someone to put my design on them using a  dye sublimation.
  • I have found out rashguards are all printed with dye sublimation. This is needed to have images put on fabrics, so they don’t ruin after a couple of wears.
  • The research on dye sublimation companies in Belfast was not so great, there aren’t many per google. So yeah I have contacted one dye sublimation place that don’t exactly specialise in rashguards per say, but maybe they will give it a go for me.
  • I contacted a couple of rashguard manufacturers to get pricing on 25 rashguards and shipment details especially.
  • I am waiting on one getting back to me and the other quoted me around £600 for 25 rashguards. The quote also detailed that I would received the product within 2 weeks. This isn’t bad but I would have to increase profits for it to be worth while doing.
  • So for now, I will put this on the back shelf and see what other quotes I get. I will wait and see what my sample is like, if it ever arrives. I emailed the guy and it’s been like 4 to 5 days and I haven’t heard a thing back, so yeah time to start looking else where.

Section 2 – Improvement

  • I have finished reading the “100 Dollar start-up guide” by Chris Guillebeau, which is a great book for anyone who is interested in starting up their own business. It provides amazing details, it motivates me every time I listen to it and I just go straight to work on projects after listening to the stories and advice. Give it a listen sure. This has helped me with BUA and gave me the confidence to pursue this. The great thing about the book is the theme, the message of these start-ups isn’t to be the biggest and baddest company ever, but to have projects that you enjoy doing, and provide something that will benefit someone. Great message. I have started reading his next book “The Happiness of Pursuit”, both of these books have been brought to my attention through the Rich Roll Podcast, which is amazing for interviewing interesting people.
  • I have started reading more blogs, so I can see what they are doing correctly and what I need to do. I have been focusing on improving my grammar and understanding of writing. I bought two audio books on grammar, which ended up being no help at all, as I know nothing about grammar and these books basically help good people get better, if that makes sense? So yeah, i am trying for all you readers… all 23 of you. You are the best.
  • I went online and looked about for e-commerce websites and web hosting, which is a bundle of fun. I didn’t actually sign up to any because my product still hasn’t arrived, the melt. So yeah Go Daddy seems alright, cheap and cheerful for now with WordPress.
  • Looking to acquire a laptop in the coming weeks to get shit done faster – the laptop is old but it will let me do what I need to for now, before I can upgrade.


Section  3 – Motivation

  • Motivation this week is low and I feel like this just isn’t going to work out, but you know what, Fuck it. I am going to keep trying. This is December and this month is always tight. This project will be successful, I just need that one breakthrough with supply and the demand will come. I wrote the blog yesterday and today I feel great again.
  • Who knows, next week it could all be fine and I have 25 prepaid orders, ready to be placed and sent.
  • It had been suggested to me, that I write a technique of the week. As a white belt, I don’t feel like I have the authority to give people my opinion on techniques etc… but what I will do is a topic of the week.

My topic this week is motivation. Its almost like a drug, the more you use it the harder it is to get that kick!… in my experience.

This topic is something I feel everyone knows a bit about, so I will just give my thoughts on motivation and tips for staying motivated and keeping motivated with BJJ with times aren’t so fun.

Motivation to me is huge in everything I do. New interests and discoveries spark short term motivation they are short-term stimulus. One minute you’re buzzing and want to do  and know everything, then a couple of days later, you have had your fill. Then you are back to what you were doing before you made this discovery. I love finding new things, I love always being interested, its sparks my motivation and creativity the most. The reason why you stop after a couple of days is, you don’t actually care enough to pursue it. The best cause for motivation that I have ever had in my life, is doing something for a good reason, your reason for doing something allows you to push yourself. When you have lost that interest, that buzz, you use your reason to keep going. The buzz comes back. Its like good days and bad days. If you do Jiu Jitsu, you all know this. I hear all the time that people use Jiu Jitsu as an escape, it’s a way to release, to get away from everything and that is a great reason. The reason for doing Jiu jitsu is yours alone but i am sure many gyms will have sporadic students who take notions for training and get really pumped for weeks and then you dont see them again or they go find another hobby. They don’t have a good reason, if they really want to learn the art then you have to take your motivation  not just from just the learning  to an external drive, a source that drives you. In my opinion…

My tip for staying pumped for  jiu jitsu is to learn a new technique and try to catch it at open mat or competition. The feeling of love for jiu jitsu floods back to me!

Keep things interesting




2 thoughts on “Week 3. – Research, Progress and Motivation

  1. Enjoy the journey on this Marty, business is as you say like Ju Jitsu there will be lots of ups and downs one thing is for sure and that is you know more now than you did when you started, your learning each day, nothing worth doing after all is easy, Peter

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