Week 4. – Meditation and mental wellbeing

So with Christmas fast approaching, this week has been a bit manic with assignments and buying presents, work Christmas parties and all that stuff, so I haven’t had much time to do work on the page… but! I did just send away for a quote of my first T-shirts, so I hope to have these by January and cannot wait! (Please see the template below!!)

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Meditation and mental wellbeing

This week I have been practising meditation twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. I have been using the Headspace app, which is great for learning how to actually meditate. The guy who narrates the guided meditation has a really good method for getting the ideas and principles for applying mind fullness to your day, so I like it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested in feeling better in their own head, with their own thoughts and just to take some time out for yourself. Give it a try, there’s a free 10 session trail, where you get 10 sessions for free. To be honest, I have been continuously reusing the 10 sessions every time I finish the ten I just go back to the start, so you don’t really need to subscribe until you want to advance further.

I have also been reading a book about headspace, funny enough it was written by the same guy who made the app headspace. I am nearly finished the book and I do enjoy reading it along side with meditating daily. It helps me keep the intention of being more mindful in my head and stops me being stressed or frustrated or angry or sad. Whenever I find myself getting frustrated or rushed, the information I need to make my mood better is available because I have been listening to the advice that day if that makes sense? like I can recall the tips and tricks for feeling better easier if I have been told them that day. The book and the app have really been great for me this week and I have found myself being way nicer to other people, not that I wasn’t already but more so, like my general mood has been better and in turn, I have more time to listen and pay attention to the people around me. Handy that.

As a rule, I think maintaining your own mental wellbeing, should be as consistent and repeated as you would brush your teeth. Especially growing up in Belfast and knowing so many people who have committed suicide. These skills would be life-saving. A healthy relationship with yourself could help so many confused kids nowadays, everyone seems to have an anxiety of some kind. To disengage from that voice in your head that you identify with. Learning that the thoughts you have are not always correct and ignoring them, to have the skill of clearing your head and having a better relationship with those thoughts is something that I feel would be far more valuable than any PE, Religion, English, Maths, ICT, Geography etc.. class could ever offer you. Peace of mind is something that we all desire.

This, of course, works in line with BJJ as this is such an escape for a lot of people from there day to day life and you can’t do much thinking when somebody is trying to strangle you! well not much thinking about what someone said that offended you earlier that day, or how your boss is a dick. The thinking is more along the lines of ” oh shit grab that arm and don’t die” kinda thoughts.

That’s all folks. I will post up on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas and have a good week.


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