Week 5 – Be like a dog 

So this is last minute and I did forget to write this week, but a promise is a promise, so here it goes. Please criticise the grammar and spelling so I don’t make the same mistakes twice (hopefully). 

Yes, Christmas week has been brilliant, but it doesn’t feel quite like Christmas, with it being 13 degrees today. Six years ago people were building snow men, but anyway it’s all the same when you have your family round for dinner. 

This week I have put in some long hard training sessions, receiving a cauliflower ear for my efforts. The week of training really brought some great memories, training with some amazing people and having the most bizarre but brilliant conversations. It only puts the fire back into practicing jiu jitsu when you have a week that you just get completely murdered on the mats. Eye opening to say the least!  

Today was no different, my club held an open Mat from 11am to 1pm to get some festive rolling in and even though its Christmas the jiu jitsu gods still smashed you, but even when things aren’t going your way you just have to smile and get through it.  

It’s an approach I find that has helped me in life,  work, learning and sport, just smile and get through it when the pressure is on. The time will pass regardless of what happens and something else will take its place, something else will come after the pain. It’s only pain after all and with pain comes relief or happiness, it’s dual. Once the pain is over you are so thankful to not be in pain, so get through it or go in to the pain, the deeper the better, like stretching a muscle. (Warning, do not go deeper on heel hooks and shit. you will get broken – emotional pain and stretching pains.) 

This week I have finished a book on headspace and my mediation sessions dropped a bit but yesterday I got back into it and went for a run while trying to practice running meditation. Whilst I was running I saw a man walking his dog, the man had his hood up walking on the path with his head hanging and the dog was running through the grass, mud and puddles in complete joy. I thought to myself “I want to be a dog”,  that dog really gavet me a good mood and reminded me to be care free and enjoy the puddles like a big kid and with that, my run became fun. I choose to then run through the fields instead of on the path, my focus then switched from the ground and my breathing to not falling on my ass. I started to notice the colour of the leaves and the grass, honestly I have never had a better run, it felt like 10 minutes but took over an hour. At the end of this run I lay on the cold wet grass and stretched, watched the clouds pass and felt the rain hit me. Magic, pure and utter magic it was. 

So from this I have taken into my holiday season to be happy especially on the rainy days, enjoy time with my family and to be like a dog.

In the words of the minimalists “Love people and use things, because the other way about never works”
Merry Christmas everyone 


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