Week 6 – 2017!! Topic of the week!: Looking at things differently to be better.


I finished another book this week, it was Ryan Holidays book “The obstacle is the way”. If you have never read any philosophy then this  book will probably change your life, in my opinion. I have been forming a new morning routine this past week, waking up early (5.30), meditating (20 minutes), doing yoga (15 minutes), cold water and hot tea, breakfast, dressed, tidy up, listening or reading a book and then playing some chess for 5 minutes. It has been about 8 days now and I have also brought in a daily circuit at about 18.00 to account for not being at Jiu-jitsu for a couple of days now (2 days sad face) as I am letting my cauliflower ear heal. There’s something terrifying about sticking a needle in your own ear and pulling blood from it. It sets me off into stages of paranoia after the draining, “but what if you lose your ear?? what then??”, im probably not the only one who gets this.

So I have this new morning routine, granted I didn’t start it today but lets say its my new year new me thing and I want to keep this, how do I go about it? I just do it right? just do the same thing I have been doing these past eight days? wrong. These past eight days have not reflected my normal routine, I have been off work and my training times have not been the same over the holidays. The real test for keeping these new habits is when I start back to work and training. Every thing changes, the way you eat, the way you sleep, the way you train and your energy levels. You must then choose, what is the most beneficial thing to you, balance it out. For me I will not wake up so early, because I train at night-time, so I will need to rest more because I will be sleeping later at night but I will also reduce the time I need in the morning by taking out chess and breakfast. I will listen to my book whilst I walk to work and have breakfast at work around 11. I will keep to meditating, yoga, drinking water then tea and tidying because I feel they give me the most benefit for the rest of my day. Find your balance and adjust were you can. This is where I think people get caught out with the new year, new me stuff. This has defiantly caught me out a lot in the past, even now I get caught out, when I get hook on some new topic or interest, I overload, I do too much too fast and then have to evaluate my priorities again.

It’s these adjustments that people miss out when planning for the new person they are going to be, the person that goes to the gym in the morning, has a new diet and is more positive. There is a lack of acknowledgement of what these changes will do to you in the short-term and how it affects you. Balance, obtaining balance is the key. We as people just can’t change with a flick of a switch. It’s all a process and it takes time. Yes decisions are made in a second but sustaining change is a process, you get them cravings, you find out what your little bad habits are when you start to cut out stuff, them chocolates bars you have at work to reward yourself, them nights in when you “treat” yourself but ultimately lead to your downfall, they are all a part of the process, I think so anyway. It’s ok when you slip up, just don’t be ok with it and get back on the horse. Always keep working on yourself and find out what you need to do, for you.

From reading this new book, one thing it has brought me is a way in which to think about the things that I don’t want to have in my life. The book has a lot of quotes from another book called “Meditations of Marcus Aurelius” and its a book that I have read before but hearing another take on what the book is for has opened my eyes. The first time reading the book, I took it as almost poetry and not very literal, but approaching with this new perspective has made it into, a guide almost, a guide for self-improvement. The way in which Marcus would speak about his care for people and staying within his means, being humble and strong is really interesting, because this is a man who could have had his cake and ate it to say the least! I particularly liked how he stayed away from things that were fake, vain and not good for him. He would strip back these things to their rawest form, calling them as they were, taking away the attractive illusion place upon them through language. That is some great psychology, to know that just by looking at something for what it actually is, shines a new light and thus a new feeling towards it.

This could be an approach you could use for your new habits and getting rid of old habits, for the old habits, like a bad diet see it for what it is when you are craving those things. What is a piece of chocolate? some milk and powder? how can that benefit your body? deep-fried chicken, what is it really? a dead animal wrapped in god knows what, then put in a hot-pot of fat and cooked? How much money will it cost you? how good will you actually feel if you have that? If you are finding it hard to make it to the gym, understand what it does for you? Again see things for what they are, even with gyms. You don’t actually need a gym, you just need to move, so if you find yourself not going to the gym because of money etc.. go to the park, walk or run on the side-walk, exercise in the house – DO JIU JITSU.

Hopefully this big rant helps somebody, if not it has helped me get my thoughts together about the whole process.

Some news updates on the products – 

  •  T-shirts have been ordered so yes!!!! Motion!! – 2017 is the year! (Changed my mind on the Tshirt again – due to not wanting to copy other bjj brands symbols – the X I used in the first draft is used by Kings and AOJ… didn’t want to reuse it)

I like this one way more though!


I have also set out a few goals for my 2017:-

1.Pass my Exams.

2.Win the Irish and NI Open.

3.Travel to Aus with my Girlfriend.

4.Compete at the worlds in California.

Get on your goals and get moving towards them.

Happy new year everyone, have a great 2017!!



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