Week 7 – Focus on what’s in front of you


This being the first week of the new year I was fully rested, refreshed and ready to continue the good form I had when I was on holiday. The first three days were a breeze, I stuck to everything, then Thursday came and I couldn’t keep to my routine due to my what I was doing that day. On Thursday I went to Dublin for training all day, so I had to take out some things from my day, pushing out my yoga and stuff, but I still managed to meditated  at home when I got back at like 12, so I was still happy with myself and was sure I could just get back to my daily routine the next day. The next day I overslept and it knocked me out of sorts that day but it took the rest of the week to get back on track. So yeah, that could have easily knocked me off track, especially if I wasn’t writing this blog. This blog has reminded me about my goals, talking to people around the gym and such about my posts has made me a lot more aware of what I have set out to do. It’s easy to forget that you have planned to accomplish something that is months away. I find writing to yourself makes you think of the bigger picture.

So I am now on a 15-day meditation streak and I am chuffed to bits, 21 days to build a habit and all that jazz. Headspace has awarded me a free 1-month subscription to a friend so I will hold a competition with this post. Please like and share this post on your social media and I will pick the winner tomorrow. I will forward you the month free subscription through email!. I really enjoy head space and I am sure it can help you too, everyone can use a little quite time. It’s progressive and a real skill to have.

This week I have been working towards my goals, I have been gathering information for my BJJ game and as I said above making trips to Dublin to train with some of the best in Ireland, even getting a glimpse of the Notorious. I have now completed the purchase of my first batch of 50 BUA t-shirts, costing in total £477, all the money that I make from these will be put towards my trip to the world championship in California, so you are doing me a favour as well as yourself, because you will look so sweet in these! Something I have noticed in my BJJ this week is my flexibility, I think the yoga in the mornings has helped my guard retention greatly and even back control. It has also made it easier for me to train that day, cycle home that night and generally not be so stiff during the day.  I only do like 15 minutes of yoga in the morning, so my yoga and meditation is about 35 minutes, if you were wondering (Probably weren’t). I have contacted tatami about making rashguards and spats, hopefully, they are the solution to my rashguard problems, I am still yet to receive my sample from the original supplier. I have also begun listening to “the 100 dollar start up” audio book by Chris Guillebeau again, this book provides brilliant light bulb moments for myself. It will motivate me and I know It will benefit the brand. Australia is well on its way to being achieved, winning BJJ competitions is being worked on, I am working on BUA which is helping me achieve my world championships goal.

Life is good, each day isn’t a stress or a panic to do these things, I just know what I need to do each day and I enjoy the vast majority of things I am doing. The hardest thing is not getting bored, it seems to be what gets me down. When I think I am going nowhere with things, It happened on Friday, I was dead tired from the day before and thought I should rest, but I was tired from oversleeping. So I convinced myself to go train, I got there early and joined in the striking class for fun, it was great, I learned and got beat up, it was like day one of BJJ all over again only with striking. All the feelings of insecurity and awkwardness came flooding back, along with the poor technique and a tense body. I can relax with cross face under hook but not with a jab to the head. This made everything ok again for some weird reason. Trying new things is good for you.

So that’s my advice for this week, just take it one day at a time, focus on what’s happening right in front of you, right now. It’s the only thing that there is and ever will be. If you slip up, it’s alright just re-think what your goals are and get back on it. If you get bored or find yourself with some free time, try something new, you don’t have to take up a new hobby, just try something, watch something new, completely new, shake it up a bit. It’s all good.

1 week down, 51 to go.

Listen to Rich Roll’s podcast with David Goggins for some great motivation, honestly, it blew my mind. This guy is known as the hardest man on the planet. Ultra, ultra athlete, navy seal guy, triathlon and Ultraman. He has like the world record for the most pull-ups in 24hours, he did like 4 thousand something. Cray cray.

I took the images above this morning at half 7 when I was waiting to train, just went for a stroll and found some great shots, I hope you like them.



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