Week 8 – Just some thoughts





So today is Sunday and again I get to share my thoughts through this blog.

I wasn’t sure what to write about this week, I feel myself becoming repetitive. I don’t actually know if I am, I should go back and read what I wrote in the prior weeks.

Last weeks post gained the most views out of all my posts. I finally learnt about categories and tags on WordPress, so more people just started viewing the post from everywhere, plus my friends have helped me greatly by sharing and commenting. They are all legends.

During this week more and more people have been bringing up things that I talk about in this blog. It’s a real good feeling, it’s even better when you wouldn’t have expected them to read the blog. People have been telling me about how their meditation sessions have been going and how their routine has been. It wasn’t something I expected to get from doing this but it’s great when you meet people who read your posts and want to talk about it.

Everyone should probably have a blog, it is a great way for the people around you to listen to what you want to say, with their permission of course, they are voluntarily choosing to read your article, not like on facebook where you have post after post on your timeline filled with unuseful content that probably annoys you the majority of the time and then you see a meme and your sweet again. But yeah, blog or write, in general, even if you are as bad at it as me, Just get what’s inside your head onto a page.

You involuntarily become closer to your readers, especially if you see them regularly or they are your family and friends. It also holds you accountable to yourself and the people who read your blog. It is a good bit of mental maintenance, it cleans up all the shit you have going on in that head. There is a thing that they advise you to do in the majority of self-help books, which is to write your goals down and remind yourself of these goals each day. They say that by writing them down they then become tangible, not just a thought in your head. They now exist on paper and then the next step is to imagine your self-achieving them and then creating a path to achieving the goal through consistent hard work. It’s all seems in line with the law of attraction stuff and what not.

I don’t believe in everything that they say in them self-improvement books and think a lot of it is pure shite but I do think writing stuff down and picturing it in your head is a great place to start with any goal. Everyone reading this already knows that you have to work hard and smart to get where you want to be, but honestly your probably in an alright place where you are right now, if your reading this from a village in south Africa and have no water or you are a homeless person reading this on your smartphone in McDonald’s or something, you are not in a good place and in need of help.

So don’t be so hard on yourself, your life is full of great things as it is, just take notice of them before you start thinking about what you don’t have in your life. Forget about comparing yourself with other people and remember that you have everything you need right now, so just chill the fuck out and have a roll.

When I say stop comparing yourself with people I don’t mean in a literal way, I don’t think anyone compares themselves directly with people, we are too individualistic to want to be anyone else. I mean stop comparing yourself with someone else in a different way, like stop comparing yourself with that future self you see yourself being when you achieve your goals or that person you will be when you have them new clothes or having that better body etc… I know it sounds contradicting to say have goals but don’t have goals, but when you are working to achieving your goals there comes a point where you no longer care about your goals and you just want to quit or you can’t be arsed with it.

I think it is because it doesn’t really have that much meaning to you, you then settle for short-term pleasures and then fall down into a rut again. Try writing your goals and then take a step each day, not focusing on the end goal, just that day, just focus on having the best day you possibly can. If you plan it out correctly your goal will be in front of you within touching distance and then you push when you get here when it’s in sight.

It’s like before you set out for a run, your filled with motivation say the day before you do it, you know that you will feel good afterwards and all that but the more and more you think about the run the less you want to do it because you know that it is going to be hard and you drag it out, the more you think about it the longer the run becomes mentally. Whereas if you plan to run one day a week say, just go and run, don’t think about it, focus on getting dressed for the run, stretching, warming up then just focus on putting one step in front of each other or focus on your breathing. Soon the run will be over and you will still get that sense of satisfaction along with a heightened sense of appreciation for exercise because you actually focused on it. It’s just about showing up, if you show up, the rest kind of figures itself out. This just seems logical to me and how I have been approaching things for a while now. Decide to do something then switch off and focus on the small steps. Everything is one small step at a time.

So this week in review for me consisted of:

The sample that I ordered like two months ago just happened to appear in the guy’s shop so he said he would send it out to me ASAP but when I went to reply the email address stopped working, then I had to find him on facebook. So I don’t know if that is progress or not but hopefully, he gets it to me.

I had to do a few more tweaks on the t-shirt design before I could get them printed but they should be here by next week.

BJJ goals – I have been training a lot this week, I even tried wrestling which I think is brilliant now, it compliments BJJ so well and I think it will make me way more comfortable on my feet. So yeah that and some more face punching stuff which was fun. I also attended a great GI Seminar with Lee Hammond (SBGi Purple belt) which was unreal, getting to roll with guys like that is a great gauge for what level I am at and just relights the fire in your belly to get better and better at jiu-jitsu. So yeah lots towards getting better at BJJ.

I have kept up my meditation, today is my 22nd day which is unreal, I still do yoga, I just haven’t been able to fit it in every day but it is still in use and helping me recover a lot!. Get on it, yoga does work.

I have started listening to a new podcast by Chris Guillebeau, his podcast is short (5 minutes) but is great for ideas and how to improve your startups. Every day he posts a podcast about a successful start up and gives a background in how they ended up being successful. Some great stuff on that and it takes no time at all to listen to! Also I am still reading his book for the second time.

Well, that’s me for this week folks. Hopefully, the sample comes this week and I have something to show for it during the week. I aim to design a hoodie to release in March! so yeah, I will post samples of that soonish.

I think I am getting better and better each day. So I hope you are too! Have a good Sunday!

I will leave you with a quote from a book called “Meditations ” Marcus Aurelius –

“We ought to take into account not only the fact that day by day life is being spent and a smaller balance remaining, but this further point also that, should we live longer, it is at least doubtful whether the intellect will hereafter be the same, still sufficient to comprehend events and the speculation which contributes to the understanding alike of things divine and human” ” Accordingly we must press forward, not only because every day we are drawing nearer to death, but also because apprehension of events and the ability to adapt ourselves to them begin to wane before the end”.

Yeah, so it looks like I found something to write about. Once you start it’s hard to stop.




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