Week 9: Jiu Jitsu, New Stuff and Review



These weekly reviews make me think back to what I have actually done in the past 7 days, it’s something I wouldn’t have done in the past. To actually sit and think about what you have done allows you to appreciate the goods days that have passed and learn from the days that weren’t so good.

So this week I think I will talk a bit about jiu-jitsu as I don’t think I give it as much attention as I should on this blog. The reason for the lack of attention and advice is mainly because I don’t feel that my opinion on the subject has much merit to comment on yet. I don’t want to come across as the guy who tells footballers they are shit at football while they watch them from a bar on TV if that makes sense? Instead, I think I will talk about what I have learnt this week in relation to my Jiu-jitsu, my Aha moments as they were. It’s a sport that provides moments of realisation in abundance.

So of late, I have been playing chess a bit and there is that saying that jiu-jitsu is human chess. Well this became even more apparent to me of late, playing chess has affected my game because I have noticed similarities in how each game is played, for example, I have been drilling passing the guard and taking the back, then putting a lot of work into controlling the back and its details such as grip fighting, hip placement and constant adjustments, learning how to prevent people escaping etc… Something I have learned from chess that has aided my development of attacking the back is that when you have checked the queen your opponent must address this, you can only move the pieces that can protect your queen. How I found this related to jiu Jitsu is that when attacking a choke from the back, or a submission from any position really, your opponent must react to this threat with their available tools, i.e. hand fighting, tucking the chin and what not, but with this protection comes the opportunity for me as the attacker to set up my next attack, or establish a better control of my opponent. Attacks must be addressed or you lose it’s a dead simple concept. Its a constant battle of strategy and wits. The neck is the queen, the arm is the queen in an arm bar situation, the foot in a foot lock situation and when you are threating them you can use this as an opportunity to move any of your other pieces but your opponent can only move a certain few.  It doesn’t even have to be an “official” choke, just a cross face undertook is a threat if done correct and can open up so much space and give a reaction. Again this is all pretty basic stuff and is probably obvious to most people but I just like looking at things from a different angle to better understand them, what I have been talking about is set ups but put in a point of view that I can better understand, we all know what set ups are but carrying them out is another matter. Attacking to set up another attack is something I can understand a bit better.

My week in review:

  • I drafted a hoodie design and got a lot of feedback from my friends, they all loved it but you shouldn’t rely on the people who already like you to give you advice. So please find below the design:


It is not quite feasible to acquire the hoodie at this point as they are costing like £30 each and I can only order bulk orders of 50 so I will need to make a few other things firstly! hope you like the design. I hope to be posting some T-shirt pictures next week! hopefully, they have arrived by then. Also still not received my sample…

  • So I like trying new things if you didn’t notice, you know to keep things interesting. This week I went boulder climbing for a few hours with a mate of mine and it was great. You would almost say it was an exercise made for jiu Jitsu! gripping, hanging and relaxing under pressure i.e. when your high up and only have a little fake rock thing to hold on to. I recommend it and plan on doing it more and more, if you want to have fun and get strong, give it ago, it beats using them grip strengthing things any day!
  • On Saturday I watched a documentary about the “Ironcowboy” this documentary was about a man who completed 50 triathlons in 50 days over 50 states. This documentary really motivated me to do more, to be better. It’s one of them ones that make you look at what you do every day and think “Wow, I don’t do nearly as much as I can!”. It reminded me about attitude towards your goals and to keep pushing on if you want something, be positive always, if things are bad just look at it from a different angle, always taking the positives and going back to the reason you started in the first place. Give it a watch, it costs like £5.00 or something on Vimeo to rent. I normally don’t pay to watch anything but Vimeo has some of the best documentaries I have ever seen. Here is a link to the trailer, give it a watch:

( I think you will need to copy and paste it into your URL)

  • I have been cycling a lot more lately and it’s been getting colder and colder so I am going to need to wrap up a bit more but it is improving my stamina and strength big time. The cycle home isn’t so bad anymore after a couple hours training. It is a hard thing for me to do, to go to training after working all day then cycle home but it actually is sweet when you get used to it and it saves me time and money. If I just get on my bike and start cycling I’m home in no time when I stop to think of how cold it will be or how long the hill is, it just turns me right off. I try to be mindful in my cycling and I do pace myself some days.
  • I am still attending wrestling and its so much fun. I am feeling way more confident with my stand-up because of it. I look forward to it each week, similar thing with the striking, its all good stuff. I am doing very minimal stuff for these classes, I am not committed to them like BJJ and not training to be a mixed martial arts fighters or anything, just a bit of fun for now. I think it’s better to not ignore the fact that I can get punched in the face pretty quickly before any jiu-jitsu can even take place, so it can’t hurt to learn.
  • I also attended my first callisthenics class in a while on Saturday and these classes help with so much stuff. Strength, flexibility, balance and confidence. I have been sporadic in attending these classes due to other things coming up but I hope to improve on this more and more.
  • Oh yeah, today is day 30 of my headspace practice!!! Moving on to a new series called acceptance after finishing patience today. It’s a process, to say the least, but happy with reaching day 30.

It is all learning and all fun.

Next week I think I will put together I little motivation pack to see how it goes, provide links and some books that I like etc…

Here is a great motivational video for you all to enjoy to get you ready for the week coming up!! – Do yourself a favour and give it a watch.

The Motivator – Les Brown


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