Week 10: What’s the blog about?

I have been asking myself what this blog actually is about of late and I found myself coming to a few answers. This blog is a journal of the journey this BJJ brand is on, its a dairy of things that I am doing to build a company from scratch, it is a document that I will use for reflection and guidance in the journey. It is a thought journal on my own personal BJJ development. It is a recommendation page for all things that I find helpful in my life and all things new that I come across.

Here is a few things that I have done this week to further the brand:

  • I started using Adobe Illustrator, learning how to use this will be a great help and make designing ten times easier.
  • I sent away for a quote from tatami and set up an online account. The order of the rashguard will begin on Monday as Tatami do not work on the weekends.
  • Learning more about blogging, how to tag and find my categories, liking other peoples blogs etc… Just further refinement.
  • I have received a package this week but I sadly missed the postman so I don’t have anything to share this week! I will put a post up on Friday when I receive it to show what it is! I think its either the rashguard or the t shirts. So yeah exciting.
  • With one month gone my costs this year have only been the T-shirts which cost £418.22. Just a quick update here on what I am spending and what i have done:

It hasn’t cost me anything to write this blog, post on facebook, design templates for the company or anything else, it seems like very minimal work but over the ten weeks I have put in a fair amount of hours designing, emailing, writing, reading and researching and it’s something that I have actually enjoyed, because it’s exciting when it’s your own and not for your boss.

All this stuff is all gauging interest, so without actually producing any products I have built a small audience. In the past I think I would have stopped myself taking on things because I wouldn’t have everything I need to pursue it but the truth of the matter is that you just have to do it and you will just have to figure out the rest later, their is always a rationale for not doing things that you want to do, maybe because they will be hard but I think you should do things that are hard while you can.

You might not enjoy the process of what you are doing but you better enjoy the result. One of them two things will only keep you moving forward. For me, each week that I write in this blog is a step forward, each time I see someone has liked the page, read the blog, talked to me about the blog on the street, is all a step forward because ten weeks ago I had like 23 or so views per post and now I get close to 150 views per posts, which doesn’t sound like that much but to me it feels like a lot and a great indicator for if I am going in the right direction. So yeah thank you all for the words of advice and helping this grow!

New things that I have discovered:


  1. The Valley – Netflix documentary on rock climbers and the evolution of rock climbing. Some amazing feats of athleticism and rebellion. They all could have been sick BJJ players! Great inspirational stuff they were doing and still are.
  2. Captain fantastic – Great movie and I will say no more because I could be here all day talking about the points it addresses. Just watch it, everyone will love this movie  I think. 


  1. Happiness of pursuit by Chris Guillebeau – I admit that I did like this book but I think I have been listening to too much Guillebeau and got bored near the end and just wanted to finish the book but will definitely go back and read it. It has helped me this week as I have slipped up with my sleeping pattern and with that my motivation dropped but this really picked me up and got me going again.
  2. NEW BOOK! – Leap year by Helen Russel – I have only started this today so I will update you on this next week. Here is a short clip of the description – Get on to amazon if you want to read along with me, it would be good for some other perspectives on books if any of you have read the books i have been talking about!

“How to make big decisions, be more resilient, and change your life for good.Having spent the last few years in Denmark uncovering the secrets of the happiest country in the world, Helen Russell knows it’s time to move back to the UK. She thinks. Maybe. Or maybe that’s a terrible idea? “

Other things:

  1. Meditation: Day 36 today and going strong, very close to finishing my pack on acceptance. Its weird, I was better at meditation when I just started it! it gets harder, I need to try less when I am meditating. Hard thing to do! Hope you are enjoying it if you are practicing.
  2. Sub 3 – Gi – First competition of the year next week and I haven’t I did much training for it but I look forward to going and enjoying the day, meeting some new people and testing myself. No pressure, just easing myself into the new year with a day out in Dublin to do some pyjama fighting.
  3. I am feeling way stronger lately from rock climbing and calisthenics, both of which are very sport related exercises that just feed into BJJ. I would highly recommend doing both of these if you wish to increase your strength or overall fitness. Even if you don’t they are actually just a fun day out!

Motivation pack!!

Last week I said I would put together a little motivation pack, so here it is! a few videos and a couple of books that really motivated me when I just started listening to all that kind of stuff!:
1. Get in to the Eric Thomas YouTube channel and you can have a daily dose of motivation, he breaks it down each day with a new message and  gets you to look inside yourself to discover what can be your driving force. I will say to go back to his older stuff as there is way more passion and good content in my opinion but not too far,from about season 3- here’s one of his most famous videos that you all might have seen already: 

2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – the first book I had ever bought back in 2012 .

3.  Any audio book by Les Brown, they are dead cheap on audible and there just recording of his seminar so! 

There is a fair bit of content to get through the With the above and they are what I started when I was like 17 and they got me going, fast. There is also the obvious books such as the secret and think and grow rich but I never really liked them . 

That’s all for this week folks, I hope to get a midweek update but if not I will be here next week anways!


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