Week 12: One step at a time


Weeks feel like days now. It wasn’t so long ago we were all celebrating the new year and writing about goals etc… Life has undoubtedly resumed its order. I can say though that I am still pursuing the goals I set two months ago and progress is being made every day. It is day 46 of my meditation with headspace and it is well incorporated. I picked up an injury this week so the yoga will be out the window for a while.

I have had a terrible week when it comes to sleeping and eating, also just feeling deflated all round and feeling confused about everything that I am doing. I am unsure if anyone else ever gets these weeks where you are just like “what the fuck am I doing with my life here and do I need to wise up and go get a well paying job”. The injury has helped me with this, it has forced me to rest and this allowed me to take some time to write my thoughts down, see these thoughts for what they were.

So it’s all good now and I am feeling (Mentally) great again but I will be out of training for a while. This will give me time to study and complete my assignments so there is always something to be done. So if you ever have similar thoughts to these head melting thoughts I get, try writing them done and reading them back, just figure it out for yourself.

So just a quick update on what I have been doing this week to further the brand and some great news!:-

  1. The sample rashguard arrived! I think it is so slick, so nice and I am so happy that I didn’t put anything on the front of it. It just sets it off and I think the Tatami ones will be even better, looking forward to March!
  2. I ordered some stickers for the packaging to make it look more legit and present a better image when delivering the T-shirts, or I could even use them as little extra gifts when people buy something.
  3. Still, no movement on the laptop front so online sales will be an issue. This will be purchased next week it is just I haven’t been able to get finance for the laptop I wanted so I might need to purchase a refurbished laptop… but anyway, I will wait and see how it goes.
  4. Some unreal news is that an online distributor said that once I am set up and have everything in place that they would kindly sell my products on their online store!. So that was really overwhelming and was a real exciting moment but I have had to get back to improving the product one step at a time and not get ahead of myself.
  5. Due to a number of comments about the hoodies I have been making more designs but I will be using a different hoodie, not exactly the same style as the last one but similar. I will try and make something even better but this will be affordable for me to make in the short term. I will keep you guys posted with ideas.
  6. I have ordered some all black shorts and spats so I can get some photo shots of the Tshirts and Rashguards, to see how a full outfit would look.
  7. I have asked a friend of mine to do some photography for the online store when it is set up and they have kindly agreed.
  8. I have started becoming more active on Instagram so I hope to accumulate more followers on that! give me a follow!!


So yeah these are all tiny steps and keep the brand moving forward. The facebook page is increasing in likes, I am getting good feedback from the Tshirts. I am already thinking about new T-shirts as I feel there is a lot to improve on, I think I need to simplify the t-shirt, I do love the current design but I think the design could be simpler, I want to add an embroidered badge of the logo to the chest or something along those lines. To come later, once I have a full line up I will begin again looking to improve the line. Also, I would like to use running shorts as the combination of shorts and spats instead of the classical MMA shorts. I just think they will look better, but sure we will see how it looks and what the reception is like.

WHITE BELT JIU JITSU STORY: My first competition

I have been talking to a fair amount of people who are competing for the first time and they have been asking me If I think they have a good chance of winning? or what they should work on if they want to have the best chance. It is a really hard question to answer because even though I am still learning with every competition, when I entered my first competition I was terrible, I went out on the mats at the Irish no-gi open and was exhausted within 2 minutes, the fight eventually went to the ground, he passed guard and mounted me. Before this, I had never even heard of the points system, I just thought people rolled to submission always. Yeah so went out and got hammered on points, I was way too relaxed and some guys on my team were way too anxious, so I was getting mixed feelings about how I was supposed to feel. In the drive, down they were talking about all their nerves and how bad they were feeling, for me, just not being nervous was a win, because as a kid I was terrible at sports and had absolutely no confidence, so being calm was a win for me. I would say to anyone competing for the first time, to have a good chance of winning, set yourself a goal of winning just one match. That’s it, that is what I do every competition, I just want to win the first match, nothing else matters to me, If I can beat this one guy I will be happy and if I win that fight, I just say the same thing, I just want to win this one fight and then repeat the process. There’s no point in me thinking about all the entire tournament, that’s like thinking about all the studying you have to do to pass an exam before you have even read one page of a book. I like to break down the event to just one roll and your aim should always be to learn. Competition shines a light on what you are neglecting, for me in my first competition, I was too comfortable being on my back and I had no stand-up game or top game, or any game for that matter because I had been training for like 2 months. So this is my jiu-jitsu advice if you are competing for the first time, train from the feet, do cardio, aim to win one fight and whatever the result is, is the right results, the correct person usually wins and you get your monies worth regardless of the outcome, if you lose you gain way more than the other guy, so just figure out where you need to improve and go back into it. The more you do, the less daunting the experience will be.

Have a good Sunday everyone!!



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