Week 13: Everything changes


Well, week 13 was slow then fast, there has been so much mad things happening this week, life is quiet and then it just goes pure apeshit, brilliant to say the least.

Things are changing for me and big decisions are being made. I am considering changes and we all know how hard they are but I have come to the conclusion that feeling secure is what bred’s fear.

When things are not in line with what you want, or no longer challenge you it is time to move on, when you get stuck in the comfort of security you shouldn’t remain in that position just to stay safe, especially if there is a much bigger opportunity that will test you right in front of you.

It appears clear to me that I should take up the challenge and if things don’t turn out then that’s on me.

Nothing stays the same ever, wee try so hard for certainty by getting a well paying job, buying a house, buying insurance and just overall trying to hold things in place and telling them not to move!, because when things don’t move you can predict them but when things start to move there is uncertainty and fear in not knowing what is happening – so my advice is to go with the flow and stop trying  to control everything.

So yeah my mental rant is over! on to the business stuff then a Jiu-jitsu story.

  • New shit! I got a laptop, not the one I wanted but a much much much!! cheaper one and its brilliant anyways and does more than what I need. I just had to go and get one, I was constantly looking, searching, researching, comparing and basically putting myself off buying one. Paralysis by analysis and all that!. So yeah I was just sitting at home and reserved it at Currys and picked it up 15 minutes later. It cost around £430, the mac book I was looking to get on finance was costing about £1,200, so this may be a blessing in disguise. The less debt the better, no two-year contract and all that, even if this holds up for 2 to 3 years I believe it will have earned its weight in gold.
  • With the new laptop I went online that night and I have signed up to a web hosting website so I will aim to have my website up and running by next week, which should have e-commerce software available for me to start actually selling, you know like real businesses?…
  • Yeah I registered myself for self-assessment also so I can complete a tax return disclosing and the comings and goings that happen during the year.
  • I also got in contact with another guy who deals with training gear manufacturing in Pakistan and China so hopefully he is reliable.

I am actually surprise at how much I have did given I have been busy with other tasks. It doesn’t take much time to do either of the stuff that I talked about above but it’s all tiny steps and it’s all bringing me closer and closer, better and better. One day it will be a masterpiece but until then, one stroke at a time.

Jiu-Jitsu stuff:

So today I took my first children’s class and loved it. It was different than teaching adults, with adults I can articulate things a bit better, grasp better understanding of a situation by them understanding what I am saying but kids haven’t been alive long enough to make the links between what I am saying and what we are trying to accomplish in a technique.

So I learned, fast. When I looked up to see confused faces after showing some major details of an armbar from mount, I reset and went again with simplified understandings and cues. I put less expectation on perfection and more in helping them feel confident in the movements.

This takes me back to so many techniques that I couldn’t grasp when I started Jiu-jitsu and just decided they were bad or weren’t “for me” as such, but its not that, I just didn’t have it broken down further, you know like playing Fifa on amateur then moving up on the difficulties and getting better because winning 12-0 against Barcelona isn’t very engaging, anyway back to jiu-jitsu, but yeah from teaching those kids today its amazing to see what it could do for them long term. Mentally it could open their mind and help them grow as individuals, psychically it could make them comfortable with their shape and size or grow into their best self. So many benefits I think kids can gain, especially equalisation of gender roles and responsibilities and even abilities.

Have a good night folks!



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