Week 14: Achievement, Relationships and Websites


So Sunday the 26th of February, nearly March already and that brings me and you even closer to them rashguards! but anyway on to more important matters, it was a fantastic week for me personally, got promoted to blue belt, taught some jiu-jitsu, got injured and read a lot of Bruce Lee’s “Artist of life” – Brilliant read on philosophy give it a read!

Mental realisation of the week:

I have spoken to a lot of my friends this week and something that has come up a few times is relationships. We have talked about how there is a lot of people in relationships and they need each other, and this can be destructive for relationships. Needing someone means you rely on them for your own happiness, I don’t believe this is healthy and it isn’t an insult to your partner to tell them you don’t “need” them, yes we all like to feel needed but “need” is almost an addiction if it isn’t vital. Like we need air and food but you aren’t addicted to it, you don’t need other people, you are addicted to them when you need them and when they aren’t there you crave them. To me, it shows a weakness in your own health. There is a common saying that we should be whole and comfortable with ourselves before entering into a relationship. I think it’s a much better compliment to your partner to say, I don’t need you but I choose to have you in my life, you want them, you don’t need them.

So with these discussions, I have noticed that most things in life have commonalities, they share common patterns, so I have tried to put this in line with some other relationships and thought about it in the context of my life. Of late, my life’s work has been on my mind and what I should work at to make my life worthwhile, relying on my work to give me a fulfilling life. If I try to make sense of this like I have with being in relationship, I have come to the realisation that work won’t make my life fulfilled, life will make my life fulfilled and my approach or daily philosophy is how I live a meaningful life, my work is something that I choose to do but like my relationship, yes I must love it and work hard at it but its a choice.

Life and work are two different elements that must be whole and connected but not fused together getting half and half. How I live my life will ultimately complement my work if I choose to take care of my body and mind, If I start neglecting those things, in essence, to get ahead in my work, my life will suffer and I will also suffer.  Take your time, treat things with respect, slow progress and enjoy the experience. I want to have discipline in my every day, having an approach to my life and then, in turn, watching this benefits my work.

This is what I would call the work-life balance. So you have you being content with yourself and who you are and you choose to be in a relationship with someone you love, further enhancing your experience of life… so let’s flip that and look at it in terms of your work. You should be happy with who you are in your life before engaging in work that you love, you have to be content with yourself, with your life and who you are and you choose to be in a relationship with your work that you love.

On to the other stuff

So  I will just recap on what has happened this week with regards to the company;

  1. I actually have a website, like for real a proper website. It took a lot of back and forth trial and error learning about a lot of technical (probably dead simple) website things to get it up and running. Basically, it was really annoying and frustrating creating the website. The youtube pages did not account for changes in the near future because the “simple” walkthroughs weren’t so simple. Yeah, so I actually ended up buying two domain names, the first one Buabjj.com and the second one Buajiujitsu.com. I have decided to stick with the Buajiujitsu.com domain.
  2. So I am now hosting and developing my website. This will take way longer than I expected to get it up and running. I aim to have it beautiful and I want it to be perfect before launching. So on my list of to-dos is to get real clean and clear photographs to set my site up with. Keep it simple.
  3. I just got my blue belt on Thursday night by Coach John Kavanagh and it just so happens he needed a T-shirt so I gave him one of my Bua BJJ t-shirts and got a nice photo with him, which is kind of a big deal. So yeah that is something in terms of progress, oh and getting promoted was unreal as well.

So aside from the website set up, which took a lot of time I must add, there has been no further progress in terms of the business, but that is fine,  I will take my time with this and make it a thing of beauty. I will keep you posted with the Rashguards when they arrive!

Jiu Jitsu story-

This week a friend of mine highlighted to me that I have a weakness where he has a strength and he has a weakness where I have strength, so we got to talking and decided that we both are going to train together each week to overcome these weaknesses and strengthen each other’s games. This is something I don’t think you see in many other sports, most people want to be better than the people around them, even in team sports, most of the team want self-pride and to show they are better than everyone else. In Jiu-jitsu, it is a martial arts or sports that encourages self-discovery and coaching. There is never an open mat where you don’t have training partners talking through how to do things. When things click they stick and the learning never stops. I believe we should have this approach to all things, where we have strength and others have weaknesses, put out a hand and make others stronger. To help others succeed is one of life’s greatest achievements. I think this is one of the reasons people say having kids is the best thing you could ever do with your life.

Hopefully, this makes sense to someone, see you all next week.




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