Week 15: Better late than never

Trees ‘N’ Shit

Hi, yup it’s like 11:21 on a Sunday night and I am only just getting round to writing my blog. I did say every Sunday so it’s still Sunday for a while.

I will keep it short and sweet as I haven’t done much this week (feel like I have said that before??).

Today I can’t recall any mental realisations or anything so I can’t give you thoughts on that as I am sure you will all be disappointed with, jokes.

The reason that this blog post is so late is due to college assignments that I have been hammering away at for the past 4 or 5 days, I just neglected to do them for so long and didn’t realise how much time they were going to take up. Procrastination has really overwhelmed me when it comes to school work, don’t get me wrong I can work like crazy when it’s all being driven by my own motivation, but as soon as someone else asks me or tells me to do something, a switch in my brain just instantly disengages from it, it’s tormenting at times. So here we are and I am finished, I only had to do one all-nighter which wasn’t even necessary, but I just sent the work to my tutor and I feel like there has been this weight lifted off my chest.

Tip: If you want to stop procrastinating start small with 10 minutes then a reward and do this for like 30 minutes giving yourself a reward every 10 minutes then up the time with the reward and then eventually you probably won’t even stop working as you will be in the zone! – Maybe this will work maybe it won’t but it worked for me. p.s. Diets and studying do not seem to mix.

What’s going on in BUA this week???

1.Well this week in BUA nothing much has come about because of all the studying I have been doing, along with other issues that I won’t get into just yet. Needless to say that I haven’t worked on my website this week, I haven’t read much about business or any such thing but what I have done is tried to step back and clear the slate again. At the moment I think I need to,  get rid per of a lot of little small tasks, look at my goals for this year and just get back into a good way of living routinely.

2.Really the only thing that was done this week was some video and photography, which was carried out today whilst I was training with friends at Wildfoot! (Check them out, Stephen Bell is a callisthenics king and a BJJ beast!!) – The work carried out today wasn’t even done by me, my friends from the gym helped me out big style taking pictures etc… So this is actually great because now I have some content for the site. You see, small things do add up.

3.One last thing, I am not sure if you can really call it working on the brand per say, but I have been watching this new Netflix documentary “Abstract” it’s just unreal, it’s about various forms of art and the best people in each of these areas. It is truly inspirational and it has given me so much information about the brand development and design that I have even started sketching different styles and fonts for the BUA text. So I did some sketching and watched some Netflix documentaries. Here work is work, whatever gets you going is good.

Jiu-Jitsu Story:

Well, I better tell you about today’s Jiu-jitsu story, the friend of mine and actually BUA’s first athlete Hannah McCourt broke her collar bone today whilst filming a flow roll with myself. We sat in A&E for about an hour whilst she held herself and cuddled a bag of frozen peas with her neck. The thing that I found so surprising about the whole day was how upbeat she was. Hannah just got her blue belt last week and then went and won the absolute division at the London open and came back to Belfast the same night then came out to train today at wild foot with us, she then has plans to go and train in Norway with her Viking friends and then to go to Glasgow to compete at the Glasgow open. It’s clear that Hannah had not planned to get injured as she has great aspirations to go far in the sport and she will, but enough about that, the best thing I took away from her when she was sitting in hospital was how happy she was, the first thing that came into her head was to improve, to go and watch training, to read books, to listen to podcasts, to study the game without practising it, before she had the chance to feel sorry for herself she was on to improving even when she is injured. This is a rare attribute that in my opinion only comes out of people who completely love the thing that they are doing without a shadow of a doubt in their mind and they are on a mission. Never mind Jiu-jitsu this is a lesson for when bad things happen in your life, just look at it like a project, like it was supposed to happen and now you have all this opportunity to do these other things that will make you even better. Always stay positive.

See you all next week folks!



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