Week 16: Workin…



A strange old week it’s been, Monday feels like it was ages ago, ended up in A&E on Monday night as I got a thumb in my eye and now I look like a vampire. Most of Tuesday was me being tired, but I did see the new Logan Movie and it was unreal!! give it a watch, it is legit class. I hit training hard this week as its been my first full week back training since my neck/shoulder injury but all was well and some serious improvement is needed. Jiu-jitsu does that to you, you could be just enjoying yourself, training a couple times a week thinking your grand and then wack! everyone fucks you up at an open mat and you are like, shit I need to get better. Sometimes life does that also, just batters you until your like – wow something needs to change here. But anyway on to the rest of the blog.

Working on the business:

I have been working on my website and today I finished the website… and about an hour ago I deleted my website by mistake, Don’t ask me how I did this, as I have no idea, but it was perfect and I am so frustrated by the whole thing. I will go to training tomorrow and come home and do it all over again. I will post up on the page announcing the opening of the site for you all to see tomorrow.

Here are some things I have had to do to create a website, if you have any questions or want to create a website yourself and need some help, give me a message;

  1. Buy a domain name (Buajiujitsu.com) after already buying the first domain incorrectly (Buabjj.com).
  2. Signed up to a web hosting service (Gatorhost £12.45 PM).
  3. Learnt how to direct servers and shit – so I could use the domain and shit.
  4. Do about 50 things incorrectly and start over each time when creating a domain directory to create a site with.
  5. Install WordPress site builder.
  6. Create images for the site, learn how to use adobe illustrator (a bit), learn how to use photoshop (a bit) learn how to use wordpress.org (a bit) and learn how to be patient (not really). Most of the software I have been using have been self-taught or me using google and youtube to guide me, nothing complicated or complex. I haven’t like went and did courses on graphic design, website development or anything. Just winging it. Maybe that’s why I deleted the whole website by mistake!.

This is the bare bones of what creating the website entailed but I think I could do it easily now, knowing all the stuff I did incorrectly and having to fix it on my own. I hope you all like my website when I get it published. I like it anyway.

Jiu-Jitsu Stuff;

This week I have been putting in the hours on the mat and what I have noticed is that when I started taking some classes, my own training almost took a back seat, or I treated coaching as my training. Yes, coaching is a great way to indent techniques in the memory but it’s not efficient for drilling and putting in the mat time.

So this week I set myself up a schedule and I would include my teaching times as “Work” and choose classes to train at consistently each week, meaning I get the mat time in and don’t neglect training for coaching and improve my jiu-jitsu overall. This must be a problem for coaches who compete, I think treating coaching like you do your 9 to 5 as “work” and then you go train after “work” as you would normally. Too often I found myself leaving the gym because I had just taken a class like I had just completed a solid session on the mats or something, terrible excuse and wasn’t doing me any favours.

 This could apply to you if you are starting a new job or things are just changing in your life and you don’t seem to have the same amount of time. Usually, we all have spare time, even when we think we are really busy, we still find time to be sitting on our phone, checking Facebook, watching TV for an hour or so, you get the picture but if we simply lay out our time in the day you could probably fit your training. Manage your time to get the most out of your day but don’t let it rule your mind, this is something I find hard but that’s for another day. Get on the mats and get training! Osssssssssssssssss







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