Week 17: Hygge (hue-gah)



It was St Patrick’s day this week and there were great events taking place, I didn’t personally take part in the regular session of going out and getting steaming, instead a trip up the sleeve Donard mountain was on the cards, it was my first time ever hiking it up a mountain, in my under armour running shoes, it was great crack.

The weather was misty with some light rain and some crazy wind like I have never felt or seen the wind like this before, brilliant experience. The fact that we didn’t expect the sunshine meant we could enjoy the rain and mist. As we walked/crawled up the mountain it was fine, hard work but fine, when It came to stopping for a rest you couldn’t tell what was up and what was down, it was surreal, you couldn’t see much but mist. it’s a rare experience to see nothing but mist, when the wind stopped smashing us, it changed everything, suddenly you could hear, you could feel and you could move with so much ease it was beautiful, to be blasted with sound then to hear complete silence brings a complete appreciation for nothingness, it was bliss when the wind stopped. At one point the three of us were fucked like, we didn’t want to get to the top, just wanted to head home and then a few minutes later the wind got behind us, we just took off, we were able to run the last few minutes of the climb, the wind was so hard that you could nearly lean back into it and it would hold you up! looking back at the day it was very represent full of what life is like, it’s comfortable, gradual inclines and declines, laughs, then when it gets hard you just think it would be easier to turn back but then when you go through it and struggle with it, you just get them payoffs, something changes and hits you, you appreciate new things, experience new places and have a right owl laugh doing it. It’s just putting one foot in front of another after all.


This I have been reading into the Danish art of living or hygge (Pronounced Hue-Gah), I spotted this book out one day and thought it would be interesting to know what’s up in Denmark and why they are all so happy. I have heard of the danish way of living in various other books, it just keeps coming up and right know I feel like I need something to centre myself, my head just hasn’t been right for the past few weeks. Anyway this new book of mine “The book of hygge (Hue-gah) – The Danish art of living well” its been very good so fair, I am two chapters in but just having some of the principles in my mind frame when I am doing things, like just walking, trying to enjoy it, not just walking to get places but walking and listening to what’s going on around you and noticing things. When I take time for myself, I don’t try to do work and relax at the same time and “Multitask” as I think I am being brilliantly productive but in reality, it is counter productive, so I am taking more time to enjoy and I want to keep it up.

I would highly recommend this book if you just feel a bit overwhelmed with things, it’s a great way to get your work life balance in order and be more present. It’s a very mindful way of living I would say.

BUA Business Stuff;

  1. I am working on my writing techniques and I think it can be included here, as the better I write the better the blog is… Hopefully.
  2. I got a message from Tatami this week to say that they should receive the rashguards on the 22nd (Wednesday) and they will check and ship them to me!. So, hopefully, I should receive them by next week!
  3. I got a message today asking if I sell Gi’s, I don’t but I will know design my first Gi and hope to have the design posted up soonish. I am thinking a plain black Gi, the symbol on the sleeve (White patch/black symbol) and then “BUA” just at the bottom of the jacket.
  4. I had to create the website again (3rd time lucky), there was nothing wrong with the last one, it was just created in an incorrect domain basically and you couldn’t search my website on google or anything. So today I recreate the website, there are a few adjustments to be made but I will get to these next week and improve it on a continuous basis.

Jiu-jitsu story of the week;

Feeling: – Seeing/watching most sports is very deceiving, we can watch the best athletes, the best teams and we think we can see what is happening but in reality, we have absolutely no idea what is going on. It’s easy enough to replicate things on co-operative opponents but something I noticed when watching seminars, or when higher belts roll with me or watching black belts roll, is that they can feel movements, there is an unconcerned insight to what is happening, when they feel our movements, they know what we are doing, they probably couldn’t explain what technique you are going to do or articulate it in words before things actually happen but their body understands how your body moves. This is what I think the invisible jiu Jitsu is, something that time on the mats and time getting murdered by higher belts can only help you improve on, I think. I am not even close to this state of confidence during rolling and especially not in competition but to have this mental approach in a fight, of knowing, is something we should all try to work towards. This is flow, in my opinion, moving and feeling movement to direct your movement. Watching people roll in flow is what really attracts me to jiu-jitsu and keeps it interesting, it’s what gives it the “Art” in Martial Arts. So drill and roll and get some flow!

Happy Sunday folks!



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