Week 18: Kinship and other things

Week 18


As I mentioned last week, my new book Hygge the danish art of living, this book has been great and I have nearly finished it, I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like some advice on living and being content in life. It really emphasises making the every day, and the ordinary special.

Here is a small quote is taken from the book;


Hygge can often be distilled to an experience of kinship, of being with those who understand us and signal that we are wholly accepted.

True Kinship takes a warm heart. In essence, it is about being together, deeply honestly. We talk about love so much but we forget that it is something we give rather than get: a way of being. -llse Crawford “(The book of hygge, Louisa Thomsen Brits)

Bua Jiu Jitsu work:

  1. I am still waiting on the rashguards, currently tracking the delivery but I can feel it, soon!!
  2. I drafted up a rough kimono design but I will probably have spats before a kimono just because of the cost price etc, but it is always fun to play with ideas and get better at designing.
  3. I have been working on other projects outside of this for the past couple of months and it has really taken the momentum away from doing this but I still find time for one or two things to help improve the brand each week. I hope to have the rashguards sold during the week and get started on the next design.
  4. A friend of me put me on to the Raspberry Ape podcast and for Jiujitsu it is the best one I have heard yet! It has some great content and great guests. The Oli Geddis and Meerkatsu ones, in particular, I have found fascinating. Friends are great, they get to discover things for you. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. First Bua Gi Template.jpg
I will probably have the back symbol embroidered now that I am looking at it. Black embroidery, black on black and no white patch so it’s like ingrained in the Gi. I am happy with this design and think it is better than most Gi’s I have seen, I am not a big fan of patches to be honest. Hope you guys like it.

Jiu Jitsu story;

Drilling is something that is emphasised by mostly everyone and its importance is high. We all know we should drill, but it’s the mundanity of it that really prevents us from doing it. It’s the awkwardness in just drilling on your own accord. No one has a problem drilling when they are attending a technique class and it is expected, I never really knew what drilling was until I attended one of my first seminars, it was a footlock seminar held by Ryan Hall at SBG Concord in Dublin, the seminar was three hours long and I still haven’t forgotten the drills we went through that day. The information has stuck with me, not because it was Ryan Hall teaching the seminar, but because we did only a few moves in three hours. Entry to single leg x, sweep to a heel hook. He basically went over the move that won him a few matches in the ultimate fighter, which was still airing at the time. We drilled this move for 3 hours straight, nothing else and went around everyone to ensure that they were hitting it. People at my gym hadn’t used footlocks much so it was great exposure and I think it was very useful to learn some footlocks from white belt, as its popularity has flown up. So yeah, three hours long of hitting this one technique, each time he would add a small detail to make it tighter, doing this, I believe is why I haven’t forgotten the footlock or the sweep or the drills. I would say if you really want to know a move and get good at it quick, do drills. Drill and keep drilling, try and get past the fear of seeming boring and just rolling. Find yourself a partner and drill, you will get better a lot faster than those who are just rolling. Do both. Drilling embeds and refines techniques, more than just doing techniques and wondering how you did them after rolling.


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