Week 19: In my head.

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Since I was about 16 or 17 I would write, I would write about everything that was causing me a headache, I would write about the things that I couldn’t talk to other people about, I needed an expressive outlet, I needed to communicate with someone that I could trust , I didn’t need someone to try and fix my problems because they were, in fact, my problems, in my head and people telling me how to solve them wouldn’t have helped me because at the time I was so stubborn. I would get so entrenched in anger I would punch walls and break things.

I was an angry kid, I don’t know why exactly I started writing or what brought the idea to mind but it helped a lot. When I started writing, I never read them again, it just felt really good to get things off my mind, I was almost acknowledging the thought and then the thoughts would leave, so I kept doing it every time I got really wound up or confused, basically anytime I wasn’t happy. So the more and more I would write the short term benefit I would have, getting this relief. Until one day, like a few months after I started to do this, I read the thoughts that I had written to myself and basically had a conversation with myself on paper, giving myself advice, looking at the problem from another perspective, different angles and it really helped me open up and get around problems that would reoccur.

When I would read the words I had written back to myself, it wasn’t like the dialogue you have in your head constantly, it’s like reading another person’s thoughts. I think this is because we all change so frequently from day to day, depending on mood and the situation we could be a completely different individual on any given day, but anyway because it felt this way I could almost give myself advice on the situation and grow or get over what I had written on those lines. What I am getting at here is, I think, things get hard in life and we should all have someone to speak too, but not everyone wants to speak to someone, not everyone wants to have someone give them advice (like me at 16), and I believe those people should find a way to express themselves so they can grow and improve their own mental well-being. Take care of yourself folks. It’s like being on an aeroplane that’s about to crash, take care of yourself or you could be no good to anybody else. (I think that’s aeroplanes??)

I thought I would rant a bit this week. 

BUA – Business notes;

  1. This week I have been working on my social media, namely Instagram, the past few days I have been just posting daily photos. Any pictures that customers post wearing the T will be shared of course.
  2. Recently listening to new podcasts and getting more information has helped me realise my values and manage my time correctly. At the moment BUA is pretty stuck due to my available time and available funds, so for a while, I will be just doing the blog and continuing with minimal work. I feel that low periods are necessary for growth and at the moment, growth is not correct. This may sound like a bad thing but this is a project that I will be committed to for a long time and patience is something I plan on working on over that time. You will all be the first to know of any movement. Check out our Instagram though and keep up with the blog
  3. Rashguards – God knows when they will come. Quoted at 6 weeks and it’s been 8. Apparently, tatami has a staff shortage. They said this week… I will keep you posted.

Jiu-jitsu story:

My jiu-jitsu story this week is more to do with like a common thing that keeps happening to me. I would train for competitions, or just train a lot and get sick. Simple things, like the flu or an injury, this has been happening for as long as I have been doing jiu Jitsu and the more jiu-jitsu I do, the more I find I have to do. So of late, I have been looking into pre and post nutrition. I have decided to get some protein for after training and consciously prepare for training, not just show up, train for a load of hours and go home exhausted, only to have to get up in a few hours completely drained of any vital energy and leave me open to all sorts of sicknesses. My employer must have thought I was dying this month the amount of times I phoned in sick. So yeah my jiu-jitsu story this week is short and simple, if you are training, be prepared for before your training and after, not just during, get some whey protein if you want (Be warned of the farts, they are real), carbs before training, carbs and protein after training is generally the advice I have been given. I have been trying it all this week and I feel great.

Some information I got today at competition training session that might be helpful:

  1. No carbs in the morning or at night
  2. Whey protein is broken down a lot faster by your body that regular protein from your food so it aids recovery a lot better.
  3. If cutting weight, only ever cut 8% body weight.
  4. Ensure you are getting adequate calories on training days to aid recovery
  5. About 2 strength and conditioning sessions a week is more than enough
  6. Ensure you get 9 hours sleep each night for optimum recovery.
  7. 40% Protein, 35% Carbs 25% Fats on training days.

There is a tonne of stuff online but this is what I can remember off the top of my head.

Few last things finished Hygge – Great book gives it a read.

Onto a new book that my mate Grogi lent me after reading my blog post on the book “The obstacle is the way – Ryan Holiday”- NEW BOOK!! ” Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday” – Get reading folks, change ya life.

Cheers for reading folks.

Have a good week,



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