Week 20: rabbits

This week I am writing my blog from my phone as my laptop is currently  not available. Excuse any issues this might cause.

I have had a few little light bulb moments this week, so as per usual I like to share my thoughts on paper / blog posts. Last night I was just flicking through some photos and caught the glimpse of a quote that i quite like, the quote was “if you try to catch two rabbits you will catch  neither”, I have no idea who wrote this or were it comes from but it stimulated a response in me that most online shit doesn’t, I realised I need to pick what rabbit I want.

I think I need to commit to fully achieving what I can in Jiu Jitsu with the time I have, or committing all of my energy into my studies and psychology research to fully develop my potential with regards to this. I’m not trying to sound egotistical here or anything but just trying to articulate it the best I can. I am unsure which one I should focus all of my energy on. This quote about the rabbits helped me realise what my my two rabbits are and what I need to do to catch either one. I feel very attached to both areas so it’s hard to decide. It’s all about time isn’t it, how many hours can I get in. I think I will fully commit to Jiu Jitsu and on the side, my interests like psychology and other things will be my hobbies, so I never become stagnant in my learning. I think by the time I can impact something with psychology my time with Jiu Jitsu will be over, say my late 30s, I feel I will be at a place were I can look to reach other life goals, But who knows what can happen, that’s the plan anyway, work like hell  now in my physical prime to achieve what I can in the sport and art that I love, then when the time is right development of my own mind care facility. Its good to know we’re your going, better not to just be wandering around doing stuff going nowhere.


BUA Business :

1. So the rash guards have finally arrived and sold out before they had even arrived. I apologise to anyone that did not get one, next time pre order!

2. I have decided that I will never make the same product twice, everything will be limited addition. It works well but not good for my ocd, I already want to change the rash guard and tshirts.

3. I have sold all of the rash guards and that brings a rough estimate of 23x£35 = £805 turnover and just less than  £200 profit. So I think I am now in some profit overall with the product. I do plan on dropping the new t-shirt prices down to £12 per top (design to come soon) but the Spats will be £35 as Tatami prices them at £25 each. I have an idea to offer everyone who purchased the rash guards to offer the spats at cost if they prepay then they can have the matching Spats at whatever they cost? I will get messaging to see if they are down for it.


4. Currently designing new t-shirt, going to be white t and just have a simple logo on the left of the chest.


Jiu Jitsu story:

My Jiu Jitsu story so far is short and the further it has went on the more and more people I have met that have added something to my life. The people who stick around in Jiu Jitsu are the best kinds of people, the conversations that happen on the mats don’t happen in any other social context were people are sober. I have been thinking about this a lot this week but it’s special and very organic. If your reading this and you have never done Jiu Jitsu give it a go, it can impact your life in ways you can’t imagine.


Have a good night everyone, also

Tip of the week :

Keep your friends close and your elbows closer ;]





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