Week 21: Walls & Shit

Week 21-Walls & Shit..png


This week I haven’t been very motivated at all, actually recently I have felt the urge to stop writing this blog and stop this project altogether, the past few weeks doing this has felt like a chore that I didn’t really want to do, but I have forced myself into doing it because I promised to. I do realise that nothing is stopping me from discontinuing the blog and it’s not a big deal but after some reflecting and some reading I have happened upon a conclusion for why I am not enjoying this at the moment. I think I have hit a wall, today I was listening to an ultra marathon runner speak about how they hit so many walls, these people run 150 miles straight and throughout that time they want to quit multiple times. I can’t justify quitting, if someone can run 150 miles and not quit, then I’m not going to stop writing my blog just because I find it a bit of an inconvenience some days. Every week I write this, I find new things to talk about, I get so much love from friends who read my blog and I don’t think I have given this blog the props it deserves, without doing much really, each week I have written and each week it has allowed my friends, family and strangers to have a small insight in to my week and into my thoughts. I have been honest and genuine, something I have noticed in each blog that I have written, the more personal that I have made it about myself, the bigger the response, the more people I find connecting with the messages. It shows me that we all have similar problems and although I might not talk with people face to face, just expressing myself through this medium has improved my relationships with 100% of the people who read this. I have noticed people read this blog and take action in their own life, talk to me about similar problems, which is something I never imagined when starting this. I think now that I realise that I have hit a wall, I can now figure out a way to get past it or go through it. I would encourage anyone going through a hard time or looking to quit something that they know is good for them and enriches their life, to realise that this is just a wall that you just have to get around, figure it out or just keep showing up, life has peaks and valleys so just go through it and do it anyway.

Bua work;

  1. This week I have nearly collected all the money for the rashguards and am very close to breaking even but still waiting on payments, but it’s all good.
  2. Getting some great feedback from everyone on the rashguards and already designing my next.
  3. My Instagram account is growing day by day, gaining followers and likes is awesome.
  4. I have been drawing up some spats ideas and just generally drawing up ideas for t-shirts and hoodies etc… just enjoying drawing but I think I am just procrastinating from revising for my exams.

Nothing really planned for the brand until post-June time as I have exams to study for, along with other stuff. So yeah bare with me, been busy, but I will be up back up and working soonish.


Jiu Jitsu story;

I love having fun in Jiu-Jitsu, just messing about, not caring about the position, controlling or the submission or any of them things, just playing the game really is what I love. I do realise that its a sport where we try and strangle or break one another, but removing the seriousness from it is what I enjoy the most. It’s like wrestling with your best friends when you were younger, it’s just unreal crack. I find that there are a few ways to approach training sessions, there could be the learning approach, where you just want to improve an area of your game, an exercise approach, where you just want to fight and use a lot of energy and then there are days where I just want to mess about. I know we all want to be the best in the world and all this but above all else, I want to enjoy myself. By have fun I don’t mean I sit and talk all day to my mates during the entire open mat or class, and not actually train, but just have a laugh mid roll.

Enjoy jiu jitsu.

Don’t just use it to get shiny things.

Happy Easter Sunday 🙂


Here is that video and the runners – Insane (David Goggins)


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