Week 22: NLP and competition day

Mental realization!:

This week I went to an NLP talk, it was brilliant, it was held by Vivian McKinnon, Vivian is the owner of Hydro ease. Hydro ease is like one of the only places in Ireland that have a floatation tank and she does things like NLP, timeline therapy and other sorts of therapies with a range of people and even MMA fighters. The information I picked up in this one session was really engaging, I just wanted to learn more and more about the techniques. Vivian took us through a visualisation technique and at the time I thought it was great, you went through a meditation for centring yourself and to focus, then you would visualise your perfect self to one side, put in as much detail as you possibly can, get as much information in as you could then you would step into it and become the perfect you, then you would step away and ask yourself what that person had that you don’t and it really hit a light bulb in my head, that there nothing separating you from you, you are that perfection and with the technique you could enter into the mindset of this ideal person. You would then visualize your hero or idol to the right and do the same process. This has really helped me with my mindset, before my mindset and mental behaviour would usually be motivated and influenced by external things like reading or writing or watching. I have been using this for a couple of days now and it has helped me get into those mind frames I visualised whenever I was going through the practice, it has helped me be how I actually want to be and be more like the people who I admire the most, the traits and values they have that I want to have. It’s great for changing your view of what is happening around you and not be so automatic in your behaviours and habits.

Bua work:

  1. I have continued the blog as per usual and I am loving it this week, go figure.
  2. I took some pictures and have some competition videos of myself and friends competing today in the DCU submission league so that will help with my social media posts and just wearing the Bua gear has advertised the brand to competitors all over Ireland. The more we wear the gear to competitions the more popular and noticeable it will become. So yeah, spreading the word through others actions, or free advertising as they call it.

Jiu Jitsu story;

Today I competed the first time since I got promoted to blue belt, I wasn’t nervous but I didn’t but too much emphasis on it either, I never did a training camp and I didn’t care if I won or lost but obviously I wanted to win. I won my first match by straight footlock and in the second fight, I lost to my teammate by crossing my feet on the back by accident. It made me realize that A. I can hang with the blue belts no bother, I think I can get some gold medals in the future. B. The fear is gone, competing is competing, white, blue not a big difference just go and do it 3. Higher belts make stupid mistakes, like beginner day one mistake, we all do, who cares 4. I got to go home safe and uninjured and my training partner and friend got to fight on. In my first fight the guy’s foot cracked and stuff, I don’t know if it was broke or what but he couldn’t walk and it didn’t feel so good to see him in pain, but it was happening all over the mats with heel hooks being ok at the expert level and advanced, I had never seen so many injuries. The point of this story is, stay safe and who cares if you tapped, at least you get to fight another day.

Don’t risk your arm or leg over £20 you paid to enter a tournament…


Happy Sunday folks

have a good week






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