Week 24: The height of cultivation runs to simplicity

Mental Realisation

I feel like I am getting back into a good space, for the past few weeks I have been stressing and anxious over various things coming up like exams, work and stuff. What seems to be making it worse was how I was eating and how much over working I was doing. Not eating correctly created a domino effect where I would not eat correctly because I was tired then wake up the next day tired and not eat correctly again because I was tired, so yeah that took me a while to really notice what it was doing to me. Also, when you work in a 9 to 5 you might be stressed and work to like 7 or something to get things done, but when your working for yourself you can go majorly overboard working late into the night and waking up early to work some more.

This week I have decided to confine my working time to core hours – about 2 hours a day to do whatever important things I needed doing outside of my working hours (Like exams and preparation) and these could start at whatever time I feel I will be most free in the day and then once the time is up I must refuel, relax and recharge. Too often I was coming home, eating crap and feeling like crap, I just wanted a break.

The thing is, I was looking at the situation and blaming the fact that so much was on that it was why I wasn’t taking care of myself, I was always waiting until I was finished. The thing I came to realise is that there is never more in your day like I didn’t have more to do in my day, days fill themselves regardless of what you have on in your life. The fact that you have to do certain things should not fuck with your wellbeing.

The approach you have and how to see your day is what matters and taking the time to really give yourself attention will mean your work and life is at its best, I think anyway.

The past few days I have been enjoying the sun and that could be a big factor in why I am feeling much better, more motivated and way less anxious about things that are coming up. I have been taking my vitamins, eating some good veg, healthy smoothies and so on. It’s great, I feel like everything will be fine and it will. Nothing is ever as bad as we think.

Long one this week... :)

Bua Work;

Nothing at all this week, just this blog.

Not long now until I focus on the brand again, just wait until after June people! – It should be mentioned that my blog has been receiving regular views each day of the week and not just one big spike, I am very pleased with this.

I am not making excuses, I am purposely not working on the brand because I simply don’t want to half do things.

Jiu Jitsu Story;

“The height of cultivation runs to simplicity” Bruce Lee

The reason I use this quote is that time and time again you can see how simplicity is in so many things. In religion, in the mastery of a profession, in design, in nature and the list goes on. It looks to be the very same with jiu jitsu, I think. Again I am no black belt, but what I can conceive of the ethos of the art is that when they talk about no ego, I don’t believe they are talking about the sport, the sport is hugely egotistical, it needs to be. I believe it is talking about the approach to practising the art, it should be approach with the purity of simple living, following a religion or living in the moment. I think it is giving advice on how to enjoy the art, do not approach it with the ego of beating people up and have it driven that way. When you approach things that way you can easily be put on an emotional roller coaster and it can form bad habits in always wanting to win and beat everybody or not wanting to do the sport at all because you keep losing. Simply approach it like you want to learn and learn every day. Enjoy simply doing it. I think that’s how you will progress in your jiu Jitsu journey. Just doing it will be a reward by its self, enjoy being alive and being able to just do it.

I hope this makes sense.

Happy SUNNNN Day 😉






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