Week 25: Shit… I forgot

Sorry folks, I forgot to write my blog last night.
I really lost track of what day it was as I have been studying for exams and you all know how that goes when you’re in the rabbit hole.

Mental Realisation

This week is a bit of a blur with all that is happening this week – I won’t bore you with the details, exams, work and stuff is basically what is occupying me. I have been doing some really fun new exercises, starting the Ido portal 30 squat challenge, resting in a squat for 30 minutes each day, during the challenge I just read my revision flashcards and that seems to get my through it handy enough, although my legs forget how to move after the 30 minutes. I have ordered new books to get caught up on over the summer, revising for exams in a subject that I have a genuine interest for is a new feeling for myself, I have ordered books to read for when the exam is over to get more information about certain areas of biological psychology and humanist psychology. School was always something that put a downer on whatever I was trying to learn because someone else was always telling me to go learn this, do that and it just took the enjoyment out of it for me, but something is different now that it is all on my own accord, I feel much more inclined to explore subjects. Maybe it just comes with time and when you’re a young teenager you must just hate doing anything people tell you to do in general. I would advise you to find something that lights up your head and then follow that down its rabbit hole until you become the rabbit in the hole, that sounds weird, what I am trying to say is, you own that shit, make it your bread and butter.

Ok, this isn’t a realisation but more of a list of shit that I am doing and in no way benefits you. Instead, I will go find some inspirational quote for you guys to feed off of:

“If we ever reach the point where we think we thoroughly understand who we are and where we came from, we will have failed.” – Carl Sagan 

Real deep…. 

How I interpret this is that you should never be so caught up in your own shit that you think you have it all figured out. You know nothing.

Bua work

Nothing, but not long now. Just one more week!!

Jiu Jitsu story

I haven’t done jiu-jitsu in like 4 days – its heartbreaking.

Sad story this week 😦 


Have to go revise!!!


Better update next week!!

Sorry about being late :* Ossss




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