Week 26: Stress and Disengagement.

Mental Realisation:

Today has been building up for the past few months, this week I finished my exams for the year and also started our gyms kids programme. It has been a stressful and anxious time, naturally as you would expect in these situations. Reflecting back I notice two things:

1. When you’re anxious, stressed and worried about everything, it can help you. Yeah, it’s not nice and it’s very bad for you if it’s a constant thing, but it’s necessary for you to be at the top of your game. If I were to give myself some advice looking back, it would be to stop worrying about being worried and use your worry to drive you. Listen to your body, eat well and drink water. At all costs try not to drink coffee, that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

2. It’s worth it when it’s over, not even when it’s over, when it’s happening, when you are in the middle of the exam, it will all have been worth it, when your standing in a room full of people laughing and having a good time, that’s when its worth it.
So if you’re having a stressful time, analyse it to see if its gonna be worth it.

Bua Jiu Jitsu:

1. Did the blog again, for 26 weeks.
2. I went to a Nic Gregoriadas seminar and got a pic with him, so yeah, some advertising and it’s great to have someone like him on the site and page – So that’s John Kavanagh and Nic Gregoriadas, in pictures with Bua Stuff. Who’s next???

Jiu Jitsu story:

Just something from the Nic Gregoriadas Seminar that really stuck with me, and it’s a little tiny thing that I hadn’t thought about much. He talks about concepts mostly and I find it very helpful, one of the concepts he talked about was foot engagement and foot disengagement. Know I don’t think I am permitted to talk about some seminar or give away the details but I am probably not doing it much justice, so here it goes. I will put it in terms of how we apply the footlock, to finish a foot lock it is paramount that your feet are engaged and their feet or foot is disengaged, for example, if someone puts the “boot” on during a footlock, the footlock will not work, the foot is now engaged, in order to complete the submission you must disengage his foot back shuffling back and straighten the foot to a weaker position. This is a small example but when he talks about this concept, it applies everywhere in jiu-jitsu.

Thanks for reading

Have a good Sunday everyone!


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