Week 28: A Change in my routine –

Life changes;

Last week I quit my job, it was emotional, I cried, it was hard. For six years I had worked in the same job and grown to love the people (not the work), they are family to me. What I found out about myself, is that I have no control over my emotions, I was completely fine up until I began to speak, when I began to think back on all the past, all the times these people had supported me and looked out for me, my eyes filled, I have been at funerals and not been as sobby as I was last week.

I think it’s amazing that our attachment to something is not burdened by the expectations of society – I.E. = I thought I should have been over burden with sadness and misery at a funeral and cry my eyes out because that’s what people do in them events, and secondly I thought I should have been stern and comfortable with leaving my job. Na, complete opposite, it just goes to show you that you don’t really have control over what you care about in a sense, memories, experiences and love seem to be what connect us emotionally in my experience. I don’t think you can be measured in how you give these things to people and events, they are spontaneous and happen without your own doing so, a value of a memory is not given consciously.

This is the first Monday were I have Sat to write a blog, I know its late but I have time for it to be late, for it to be better so I thought I would do it justice and write without pressure. Let you all into my head for a bit – It’s a bit nuts.

So yeah new job role, Teaching children Jiu Jitsu – Huge opportunity that I am grasping with two hands, I am going to put everything I have into making this a success, this is actually doing something that I love and it gives me so much time in the world to study the things I want, stretch, take care of my body and mind, read relax and be in control of how I progress rather than wait for permission from another person. This is a risk but I am in the prime of my life and if not now when? Let’s see where this takes me! one door shuts and another opens.

Ray Bradbury “I discovered very early on that if you wanted a thing, you went for it — and you got it. Most people never go anywhere, or want anything — so they never get anything.”


BUA Work:

  1. Wrote the blog – now on 28 weeks, let’s see where we are at week 52.
  2. Sent out a message to most of the people to see what they would prefer to go along with the rashguards, the majority decision is a pair of shorts so I will be going ahead with the design and order of these to complete the set and have us all looking snazzy.
  3. Just the regular old Instagram posts – gotta keep plugin.

Jiu Jitsu Story:

A couple of details that I have found extremely helpful in improving my game this week is the various different pressures in side control and knowing how to apply that pressure. I know a good bit about side control and caging the hips, switching position, keeping balance and maintaining top control but something I could not understand how to do was apply a heavy pressure, with being like 69 kilos this is understandable but something Simon Hutchinson showed me was a small detail on how to drive with your feet, so foot engagement is everywhere in jiu-jitsu and is key for being strong in all positions probably, but understanding how to use it is different. the Small detail was driving off your toes through your chest down at an angle, not just using them to push in but using your toes to drop your chest further to the ground.


It’s the small things that make the difference people. I will talk about Nic gregs foot engagement/disengagement through more next week!


Have a great week!






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