Week 29: New job, New challenges

New job, new challenges;

In my foresight of how my life would be when I left my job to teach Jiu Jitsu, I pictured my life would be made up of working for myself teaching kids jiu-jitsu, training full time and being able to study psychology in more depth.  The first week is over and I can reflect on what has happened and, I can honestly say it has been everything I thought it would have been and more.

What I have learnt is that no one is going to tell me what time I can shut my laptop off at and go home, the first few days I would work and train and work, I would work on things like contacting people, marketing/advertising, application processing, making sure everything is in place and just working making my kids programme the best around. Wednesday came around and I was nearly sick because I was so run down with working and training, I think I accumulated about 10 hours of training /coaching in two days and then also working late. I had to take a couple of days to recharge and feel like I wasn’t vulnerable to getting sick because I can no longer get sick, getting sick means not working, not working means no pay and that is not good, especially not at the early stages – so it has been a real motivation for me to take care of myself and not ignore my body because I now need it for income.

So with the second week coming up I will be organising my days better and building a balance in my daily routine.

Keep you posted next week to see how I get this.


You know what I don’t understand, how anyone can train 6 hours a day and not get exhausted, I need to figure this out. Training 6 hours a day, isn’t 6 hours out of your day, it’s like 12, you need to sleep, you need to eat, you need to wash, you need to do a lot of stuff in between. It takes me about an hour and a half to go home and then get back to the gym so it’s nearly pointless going home. Frustrating.

Bua Jiujitsu;

  1. Got in contact with the guys who purchased the rashguards and they all took a majority decision on getting a pair of shorts drafted up !
  2. I closed the website for BUA BJJ, I want to redo it and make it better. The first time was good but I think I can do it better as I have been doing other website work for people.
  3. I contacted A guy who can get customised BJJ gear and we I will be emailing him my design this week to get the Bua Shorts created! They will be simple and great…



Top tip for controlling the back – a friend of mine gave me this when we were rolling and said he feels he can surf the back for a whole lot longer when he drives his heels into his opponent (Foot engagement), I have been doing this for a few weeks and feel that my back control has increased greatly. So next time you take the back, engage your feet by driving your heels into your training partner to maintain the control. Thanks, Peter Kennedy and congrats on the stripes !! (You too Stephen Bell @Wildfoot, some killas right there)


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