Week 30!!! – 210 Days


Anyway – Week 30


Week 2 of being unemployed – Status: Still feels weird:

So last week I talked about going out on my own and teaching Jiu Jitsu full time. I think I can now say that I have things under control, but there is still a feeling that someone is going to tell me to wake up and get back to work, like this is a dream.

The difference between this week and last is that I have slowed down, still working hard but in a less panicked and worried manner. I felt a weight on my chest all of the last week, this week it has been sporadic, only coming back every now and again.

The kid’s classes have grown so much in just two weeks, I counted today that we are now on 29 kids, I have aimed to get 45 by August but we could probably reach this before this.

I feel like my coaching skills have increased greatly, I feel like I am learning every single day and that the skills that I am learning now will last me a lifetime, in my own personal life, my competition, my business dealings and overall confidence in myself.

I try to actually pay attention to every child in my class, giving them attention and not subjecting them to just a number in the room, I want every student to grow into a good person, who help each other and enjoy each others company. It’s the best feeling ever seeing them grow as a team so soon.

I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, I love my job, it is draining at times but its worth every bit of it.

So yeah that’s good.

Also on the side note: Have a lot more energy, eating better, sleeping better and managing my training sessions a lot better – about 3 to 4 hours per day, but in separate sessions spread throughout the day. My Jits feels the best its ever been, I feel like I know nothing all over again and need to relook and rebuild everything about my game. A positive sign I think.

BUA Work:

  • Well, I got sizes pre-order for the shorts, I also got a quote from the manufacturer – I am just holding out for a while as a few things need to be confirmed.
  • Progress is made and the BUA project is up and running again!! Osss building the brand. Thank you for all your support.

Jiu Jitsu Tip of the week:

A Friend of mine Nathan Hamilton was talking to me this week about guard passing, Nathan is about 5 ft 10 and about 65 kilos, he was having trouble with guard passing as everytime he stepped into someone’s open guard he found it difficult passing the legs. He was rolling with a Brown belt at our open mat on Monday and was told that he needs to take advantage of his speed, the advice given was to avoid stepping into the open guard, he would be better with movement-based passing. What I mean by this is, changing direction as you pass.

A good way to work this in is by start by moving one way to pass, don’t enter the guard but just move around one way and watch your opponent/training partner follow you/ monitor your guard pass to prevent you passing their guard, as they follow you they will over compensate to one direction, this is when you change direction and pass the other side. This reduces your opponents ability to retain their guard, as they have over compensated their guard defence on one side. Think of it like football, faking to go one way to pass the other, boxing fake jab to “pass” through their defence with another jab, so many sports have a deceptive movement to set up another. Makes sense to me.

Nathans Guard passing has become a nightmare to deal with this week!

Thankfully next week’s tip can help counter this! – Making your opponent pass where you want 😉


Have a great week everyone!






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