Week 31: Missed a week – New post

Bua update:

Last week I didn’t post, I was extremely busy and didn’t have time to write a blog post. I could have written a post throughout the week but I just didn’t have any motivation to do it. I contemplated if I should continue writing this and trying to make this jiu Jitsu brand. Even today I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to write another post, just shut up shop and leave without a word being said.

I have decided that I will continue to write my weekly blog, but as for the brand building and producing products, I am not totally invested and money is a very limited resource at the moment. I don’t want to put that pressure on myself, I was making shorts and in talks to get some produced, but I feel like I am rushing it and I am not over the moon with the design and manufacturing process. I could just be in a very lazy mood and don’t want to do anything. My mood could change from week to week. I will continue writing the blog as I really enjoy it, I feel it helps me stay focused and a very good reflective tool

So, yeah from now on it’s just a blog.

Maybe this will help?:

It has been increasingly apparent to me lately that moods, emotions, stress and all feelings nearly, are transferrable to one another. Our mental energy or just plain energy levels get emptied just by being in a room full of tired people, or it becomes sad in a sad room, stressed in a stressed environment. You all know this and it’s talked about in a lot of self-help and facebook posts etc… I am not about to say that you should be positive every second of the day or something really un realistic, but what has really helped me this week was, if I noticed myself feeling tired and run down, I would take time to myself to reset my mood, that sounds like I’m a robot or something, I mean  I try to bring my mood to a better place by writing things down, getting my thoughts out of my head, listening to some music, read, just doing something that makes me feel a bit better and picks up my energy, the most effective thing for me is just doing jiu Jitsu, but there are some days when you don’t want to train. I think its fine to feel like that, take a couple of days and find something new and interesting that you like. The hunger for the mats comes back in no time.

With doing jiu Jitsu 6 days per week and dealing with kids daily, the skill of being in good form is something I have had to work on, to keep motivation and drive at a reasonable level.

Lots of competitions coming up for myself:

I plan to do as many competitions as possible this year!

Sub only Summer Smack down – Gi & No Gi Blue belt is the first on the list !! 30th July 2017 – If you are there give me a shout 😀


Jiu Jitsu tips:

Drill – Recently drilling has been something that has made my jiu jitsu so much better. What I will do is roll with the guys that kill me in the gym, then take notes of what happened and what I need to figure out, for example I would get my guard passed by presuring passing from the bigger guys at the gym. I needed to focus on getting grips and not allowing them to close the distance. I needed to initate the attack, even from bottom. So I got three or four drills to string together from the bottom. I would start by using the techniques during rolls with less experienced guys, then work out the bugs in the attack, what was I missing in the sweep or attack, I would then ask my coach to review it and see where I could improve, what they do and then once I knew it worked apply it in the roll.

Drilling this and other things – like X-guard for instance, the thing with Xguard is you need to understand how your legs move under someone, drilling Xguard taught me leg movement under someone, not just how to do an X-guard sweep but the way in which your legs can move freely under someone to get the position.

Drill to understand and drill to build great habbits.


Hope you enjoyed week 31 peeps!


See you next week






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