Week 32: It’s a social sport.

Today’s thoughts –

Watch this:


I saw this video today and thought that I feel like this about a lot of the friendships that I have, but not about the friendships I have made through Jiu Jitsu/ Martial arts. I connect with the people I train with daily, we go and have coffee and lunch, we enjoy each others company and communicate our aspirations, dreams, frustrations, stresses and everything above.

I can honestly say that training martial arts are not the same as joining a gym to exercise. It is something that is immune to the age of social media, yes there are still people videoing their gym sessions shirtless and doing little bits of picture taking etc… but it cannot be taken for granted what doing jiu-jitsu means for my social life. I would hold myself in very little value with regards to how other people value me, I would never think that anyone would really want to spend time with me, I really don’t think I am important enough in any situation for someone to wait for my opinion or wait for me to show up? I don’t think I’m alone on this. Doing martial arts has made me appreciate the time I spend with people, its probably my favourite bit, for anyone who isn’t sociable or hates parties, meeting new people and doing new things, jiu-jitsu trains you in social skills, not just in strangling people. It might just train you to socialise with the people in that room but that’s a great start. Recently I have noticed that I need to really respect what my attention means to other people because it can be hurtful to not give your time to other people who expect it and want it.


Last week BUA BJJ was down but this week some opportunities presented themselves, I did a little interview with Local Lapels so check them out at:




also, I am getting a sample hoodie made up by a friend who was already doing some work for me and I thought I might as well. It is nice and simple, BUA logo on the left of the chest on a black hoodie with grey inside the hood. Post up when I get it. The logo is embroidered by the way so it should look legit.


My jiu-jitsu tip of the week is about – Spend time with the people who care about you.


Nice and heartwarming post this week.


Have a nice week






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