Week 33: Being prepared, Taking care and a work in progress.

Thoughts this week:

I didn’t write a post last week and I feel like it was necessary to not write one. Some weeks you are on top of the world and some weeks you’re not, that’s just the way life is. It is so important that when you are in the low periods that you do what you need to do to allow that time to pass as quickly as possible, for me I need time to myself to switch off and get away from everything and everyone.

Since I have begun teaching the growing gorillas I have noticed how draining constant communication is. Attention is energy, you don’t realise how much attention you reserve and don’t use. It feels almost like a muscle, a skill to be built upon and I just neglected to give me self some space from everything last week and that along with a lot of training puts a lot of stress on the physical and mental. So yeah I took a week, trained a bit less, read some more, listened to some books and went for some nice walks and talked with some friends. I feel on top of the world again.

The main feeling that I had last week was, not being arsed to do anything, I didn’t want to do anything and throughout the week it became more apparent that I didn’t want to do anything because I wasn’t preparing to do anything. I learnt that being prepared can motivate you to look forward to things, it’s like getting all your training gear ready the night before and not the morning of training, then you are ready to go, it’s doing a class schedule and researching new ways to do things, looking at your techniques in more detail to drill. Preparing your tools make you eager to use them.

Also, motion creates motion and this is where you get momentum, when you find yourself stuck in a funky mood and you’re not as high up on the happiness level than normal, take yourself away from everything, at least one of the things will be holding you down and just spend some time with yourself away from your life situation.

Hope this helps someone who reads my blog, the past couple of weeks I have read two or three posts of different people committing suicide – one of whom was the year above me in school and the other was the same age as me. If any of you ever want to chat, drill, roll, coffee, climb a wall or go a walk just give me a shout and I will be there.

Cheesy quote time;

Hope this didn’t put in you a bit of downer… if so here is a quote that might perk you up:

Daniel Gilbert  “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.”

Read: https://www.brainpickings.org/2016/03/08/plutarch-the-ship-of-theseus-ted-ed/

Have a good Sunday folks!

Also, thank you to Local Lapels for the interview and nice article this week https://www.facebook.com/locallapelsbjj/#



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