Week 34: Fall forward – Learn from your mistakes


Competition two weeks ago and I was zoning out this Sunday, getting away from everything and relaxing this Sunday.

These are excuses and I am ok with them, so yeah apologies and back to business.


What I have learned recently:

So since I have been doing Jiu Jitsu full time essentially I feel like the best way for me to improve is through building my knowledge base, drilling and competing as regularly as possible. I genuinely feel like I am improving every day/week and with every competition.

In my last competition, I had 7 fights in total, this being my second blue belt competition I was eager to learn and only that. I approached the event with a learning mindset, I didn’t care how good the guys were, I wanted them to be really good then I could see what I really need to improve on.

I wanted to be exposed to the best blue belts and expose the areas that are opened to being capitalised. I think that a simple adjustment in how I approached the competition has made signing up for them a lot easier. I think if we look at it the same way footballers look at a match on a Saturday then we would have fewer worries about competing. I think we should compete every week, like they do in other sports, to get match fit in football you have to play a few games, in many team sports they have matches every weekend and you want to be on that starting team every weekend.

Doing Jiu Jitsu allows you to put yourself on the starting team every week. You might not win every week, but you will learn a whole lot about your game when you start competing. Take every match, every tournament as an opportunity to learn, to grow and win, eventually… hopefully.

Obviously, we don’t have tournaments every weekend but this is why you should try and get to as many as possible. Learn your game, learn to control your psychology, learn to observe with intent to dismantle, instead of observing someone’s game and getting worried about how good they are, looking at them and find holes. It’s easy to look at something and think it’s great, find the answers and use them. Having information is better than having no information.

There is a great interview Eddie Cummins has on youtube and he talks about this mindset of always striving to control your own mindset and observing your opponents –

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2siG6IS09g&t=1494s

Something I believe will help me is Drilling, I know I have talked about this before but I can’t say it enough. Drill and have an agenda, don’t just show up without a plan, watch some tape, talk to your coaches, ask for advice and drill until you can do it with your eyes closed, backwards and mixed up with different stuff – then teach it to a room, or one person. I think drilling increases knowledge base, finds patterns, finds commonalities, increases recovery, reduces fatigue, increases speed-timing-pressure and it makes me want to learn more and more. I think that I really enjoy drilling a lot and rolling a couple of times a week. Keeps my body and mind fresh I feel.

I think that is enough for one week –

Have a great week everyone! See you on the mats 


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