Week 35: Time – A Limited Currency.

Check out the new website I revamped today!


This week in review:

A great week is coming to an end with a half an hour left. Looking back I feel like I have accomplished a lot, all positives and life is great again. New students, existing students getting better and my own personal training is developing and growing. I got my first car and I got to relax with a day to myself, so I am raring to go again with another week of opportunities coming up! Competition next Sunday and a BJJ workshop up at Wildfoot on Saturday, next week should prove to be a great one!


This week I took the leap and purchased a car after holding a drivers licence for 2 and a half years. I always held myself back due to the huge insurance fee, most quotes I was getting were quoted at £3000 and I couldn’t afford this, I don’t think many people could. So I have waited and waited but recently with trips away to the beach and mountains with friends have made me really see the quality in how I can spend my time. Bound by travelling by public transport I wouldn’t be able to go very far or do much because I would always have to get a taxi or bus. Not ideal and can be very expensive, so I have decided to get a car, an opportunity presented it self and it felt right, I got a steal for a car and I got insurance. Already, two days in I feel like I have so much more time and that’s the most important thing. That’s the reason I left my job, it’s what I now value above all else, so I am not worried about the money.

I feel like money has so much control over how we spend our time, spend the money, it will be spent regardless, don’t worry, trust that things will work out and I’m not advising that we spend stupidly or excessively because that would be idiotic. I don’t mean spend for the sake of spending and not being smart with your money. Try to understand whats worth spending money on, weigh up the pros and cons, how will this impact your life, not your finances, your life, the level of happiness you experience on a daily basis and from there take the chance.

Find the right time to spend, and spend your time right.

Hows this relate to Jiu Jitsu??

Same thing in Jiu Jitsu funny enough – Spend your time efficiently and effectively. Get where are going and stop the faffing about. If you have goals, get the agenda for the week down and start somewhere – anywhere and move from there. I remember when I started Jiu Jitsu and looking into how to improve fast, most self-help will tell you to focus on one thing and get good at it, but then I would be faced with the challenge of deciding whats the most important thing, to begin with. My thoughts are now that it doesn’t matter where you start, just pick one place you like right now and move from there.

Time is a limited currency.

Have a good week everyone!

Hope you like the website!




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