Week 37: One step closer

By Martin McClenaghan

Perhaps one of the most feared thing in existence is a loss, losing is shite. Last week I competed and lost my second match at the Irish no gi open, two silly mistakes made during the fight cost me. It’s safe to say that taking it on the chin is easier said than done. I have been critical over what happened during the fight, it was apparent from the offset of the match that I was second to respond and put on the back foot, from then it was just complete exchanges of positions and submissions on top. A week on I look back and see how it has benefitted me, I have been motivated all week, I have looked into what happened, assessed it and gotten some great improves from it. I feel like it has improved my game already, watching the guy in the top of the division beast everyone and looking at what he has, how do I go about nullifying it?? Learn it first. Improving my flexibility, Learning the darce, learning how to defend, the deeper details of the under hook escape from side control, controlling the head and how effective the kimura grip is from all positions. All these little tiny things I picked up just from that one loss, now if I had of won and went home, I doubt that any of these things would have got my attention. The loss has brought me one step closer in my jiu-jitsu hike to black belt.


“My opponent is my teacher, my ego is my enemy” Renzo Gracie 


Bua Jiu Jitsu

At the moment I haven’t had the time to finalise my sweatpants and hoodies for the Bua clothing, I have some adjustments and want to view a few more samples. Also, I am going to test out the samples for a while to see how the product quality holds up etc… I am just taking my time. I will post up when everything is perfect and how I like it.


Jiu Jitsu – Techniques and what not…

For the past two months I have been focusing solely on guard passing and just now I am working my way into retention and recover. A pattern is emerging with head control, in order to retain guard in pressure passing styles, control your opponents head, push on the forehead, frame across the throat, stuff the head to the side and shrimp shrimp shrimp. Big guards usually crush me and pass with a dishearting ease I would say, but lately I been having success with the concept of head control or more accurately – face control, as most of the time I’m pushing on the face. Not nice I know but people have strong heads and necks etc… everyone moves when they are being framed on the face. Face control is used in a variety of positions, to set up armbars from S mount, high mount control to keep your opponent pinned and even back control to lock in an RNC when necessary. Also, cut your nails and don’t poke people in the eye.

Stay safe and have a great week everyone!

Leave you with this quote –

“Life is consciousness of life itself.
The measure of your life is the amount of beauty and happiness of which you are aware.” – Agnes Martin



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