Week 38: Re-Start.


I haven’t posted up in over a month, too long but it’s all good – Enjoy the read.

I have found that the hardest obstacle for me in getting back to doing this blog was my own expectation that I wanted it to be good. My own expectation made me procrastinate actually doing it, I am not sure why but I think when we feel like we want something to be good, or we need to perform or produce something of quality, it hinders our motivation to do it (Self-imposed pressure).

I think this is what happens when I think of coursework and work. When I have something to refer to for a standard or an expectation it puts me off doing it, I just go blank in the head, I can’t think of what to write, or it isn’t as good as I would like it to be and I don’t care about it. What I am doing now is just writing what comes to mind. This seems to be my best process for getting things done, just doing it first then once I have all the words that I want to say down I go over it at the end and edit the work to produce the finished product.

We have all fallen into this trap with something, could be football, could be drawing, could be anything, but we all once done things we enjoyed at one stage and no longer do because we don’t want to be shit at it essentially.  The drop out of blue belts in jiu-jitsu is massive apparently and I think this could have something to do with it. We all know most people put things off until the last minute – for instance, work deadlines is something you put off until you need to hand it in, school coursework isn’t completed until the night beforehand in time, but we all get them done regardless of a number of hours sleep we have had the night before.

I think with our own self-interests and hobbies we have no deadline to make, there is no accountability to anybody but yourself, you don’t have to struggle to come up with a reason as to why you haven’t got back to training. The longer and longer you leave it the worse you get, the harder it is to deal with that you are not as good as you once were and therefore you can’t face it and learn to live with the memory of something you used to be good at, you can live with it rather than facing the facts that it is going to be hard work and then you just can’t stop thinking of the long journey ahead.

My advice is to just show up, just start and fall in love with it all over again.

Just start and keep showing up. There is no end goal.

Your only going is to show up – the rest will take care of itself.




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